McBullshit Moms Redux (or: "I was offended!")

last week I wrote a blog post called "McDonalds All Access Moms are All Bullshit Moms" calling McDonalds out on peddling some McMoms in front of a camera to recite bland and vapid commentary on how much care goes into a potato.

overwhelmingly the responses I got on Twitter, FaceBook and on the post itself were positive (that is, they agreed with me that McDonalds & the McMoms are not to be trusted with their smiley, 'McDonalds is wholesome and caring', mom-approved nonsense).

until last night for some reason, when suddenly the McFans pounced.

apparently some people don't like it when you say mean things about corporations, as shown from this tweet I received from @YWGSourpuss after she saw the nonsense going down in my comments:

since last night I've received a barrage of tweets, comments, and messages accusing me of being prejudiced, close-minded, and accusing me of 'hating french fries' because I have a problem with the misinformation campaign these women are involved in. I've also been accused of being shallow and immature because I don't feel like rehashing my argument over and over again (particularly in 140 characters or less), which is silly because if you want to know what I think about the issue you can just re-read the post.

you know why I think these people are upset? Because someone is challenging the misinformation that this campaign is feeding them. That just because some moms went to a potato farm and said potatoes are okay doesn't actually make it okay to eat french fries. Because it made them stop and think about what they put into their bodies, and how the campaign made them feel when they saw it (which is, differently from me).

People don't like to be told that what they think is wrong by anyone -especially someone on The Internet (I fondly refer to this as the "Zach Bussey Approach" ;) ) and it upsets them. And you know what I say to that?

Get upset!
Feel something!
Attempt to think for yourself!

And if you get offended by something I've said?

Well, I'll just defer to Steve Hughes' wisdom on that topic: