June 2010

With fingernails that shine like justice

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Four-day weekend that starts in less than four hours deserves some skin and fur in this post; all it needs is tits and we'd be set.

On-and-off week honestly; maybe it's been the weather or my hormones or what but it's finally (almost) over and my regular level of excitement and happiness is starting to get back to normal.

Last night I had a nightmare about being fired from my job because I slept in and couldn't get in touch with my boss, and when I woke up I went to go look at the clock in terror to see if it was true... and there was no display on my digital alarm clock. What?! I then realized my entire room was pitch-black, not lit up by my usual computer lights. It took a few minutes for me to realize I wasn't still dreaming and I woke up Gord to have him discover a fuse had randomly blown and half the apartment had no electricity. It does now (thanks Gord!) but it was beyond weird; I didn't sleep well afterward and had more strange dreams.

However the weekend approaches and it's filled with Canada Day, camping, a house party, potentially going tubing and lots more. Oh, and sleep if I can squeeze in some somewhere.

Aah who am I kidding. I'll sleep when I'm dead.


It comes and goes

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It's pretty safe to say I have become steadily more and more obsessed with Phoenix the uber-trendy band du jour. In particular remix of their song Liztomania off their amazing Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix album. Check 'em out.

The weekend was out of control; there was a party in PlaP that we ditched because I (unlike some people) have issues with a promoter whose solution to a poorly-planned/executed party is to break into some buildings on the property.

As my friend who called me and advised us not to continue driving out there said "that's sketch, sketch, sketch". I've consequently recieved a slew of people crawling up my ass about my disdain for that course of action and stating "that's the scene you are supporting".

No. I support the music and people that do the best that they can, not sketchbags who think they can throw a party and pull dumb shit like that. I know some suberbly talented people who bust their asses to ensure that every party and event goes off as smoothly as possible. Accidents happen and sometimes things get broken but for the promoter to actively turn to breaking and entering as a means to solve a problem they created by being negligent is just something I can't get behind.

Am I wrong here? Seriously.


Friend is a four-letter word

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Gord (roommate) is back in town now.

It's weird, having someone else who lives here. I've lived by myself for the last year and it's a little different having another person around.

Though... I like it. It'd chill and fun, and no-pressure. I'm glad I decided to live with a guy instead of a girl. This feels like it is, somehow, easier?

I like it.

You drink the money left to pay all the bills

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The best kinds of parties are ones that involve cheap beer, bacon, and video games; last night I happened to be fortunate enough to attend a party that boasted all three! The beer was Standard (as always), the bacon was sizzlin', and games were oldschool (NHL '94 on the Sega Genesis). Just the way I like things.

I'm feeling guilty about staying in on a night to myself but my whole body aches from this killer leg/core circuit Ty and I have been doing at the gym and I actually pulled a muscle in my right thigh stepping up onto a curb. Don't worry, I'm stretching properly and stuff (warm-ups, cool-downs) but sitting in this chair is definitely preferable to being out and about right now.

I wish today had been a Beach Day; I could go for some lounging around on the sand in the sun.

Without her near me I would not survive

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Nothing makes a night better than dinner with someone you love (Grandma) and talking to people who make you smile all night; t'was a downer of a day but the important people made it better. Sloan helps too.

I also organized my flickr set for MEME, so give it a check-out and give all my friends who worked on it some internet-lovin'.

It's just after midnight and I wish I could stay up more and enjoy the company of people via Teh Interwebz, but I promised Owen I'd be at the QsDayze show tomorrow at The Albert; there's going to be an NHL 94 tournament, 90's tunes and he's going to play some Matthew Good Band just for me. Yeeeeeah!

All falls down

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A workweek is always a bit easier to handle after a super jam-packed weekend; it's like a cool-down period before the next big thing.

Everyone managed to make it out to MEME on Saturday at Old Market Square and I have to say that I was considerably impressed with the new stage they have going on there, as well as the quality of the music.

So many people showed up, so many people danced and had fun and I really got the impression that maybe the electronic music scene here isn't seeming as sketchy as I think a lot of people think it is.

I personally know a lot of the people involved with putting the show together and so much time and effort went into it; it was great to see it rewarded.

The weekend was top-notch, even after some drunk girl who got ditched in my apartment punched me in the head for trying to make her go home.

I was going to share more about the weekend but I just turned around to find my boss creepily standing just out of my peripherial vision, watching me type this. Jesus Christ.

We'll both wind up buried at sea

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It could be the two cups of coffee I inhaled this morning (as well as the green tea I had with breakfast, whoops) but I'm going to credit my fabulous mood this lunch hour with the fact that I made myself be in a good mood this morning.

And why not? Not everything may be ideal right now but the things that I can control are as good as they can be and that's all I can ask for at the moment.

I finally finished uploading pictures from my Montreal trip, which you can see here. There's also a seperate album for the Biodome but it's basically just pictures of penguins (that's not true, I left out the other 50 penguin pictures I took). I haven't put up the riveting pictures of Quebec city yet but I'll get around to it eventually.

I miss my vacation.

Also, I'm wearing my H&M Obnoxious Cat shirt today and am genuinely enjoying the looks of bewilderment I am getting from my older co-workers when I come barrelling down the hallway with a big, sneering cat face on my shirt.

I was going to link it to you guys but the H&M website doesn't seem to want to actually show me most of their product merchandise. Oh well, I'll take a photo later if I remember.

Even though it's not a Gym Night I'm going to go for a run this evening after work. That's just how damned good I feel about life right now.

Enough that I want to exercise.

Might paint something I want to hang here someday

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Back to the 'ol grind. Not as much of a clusterfuck as I had anticipated which is nice though there's still so much to do it makes my head spin. I just plug in my iPod and lose myself in documentaries and interviews and it makes the time go by faster.

I wish Ty and I had stayed longer at the first Patio Pleasure Saturday on (obvs) Sat, but we had pizza to make and I only brought so much change for afternoon beers so we booked it home before it began to rain too hard. I look forward to more of 'em, though.

Oh Monday, Monday, Monday.

Tell the world what everyone else knows

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Taking a break from chilling with friends at Patio Pleasure Saturdays at The Academy to head home, have a few (more) beer and make some home-made 'zah for dinner.

I don't remember how it came about, but Ty and I wound up discussing old MuchMusic and wound up listening to some Love Inc. Doe anyone else remember when Chris Sheppard came out to play the MuchMusic Video Awards blasted out of his face? Which year was that?

He probably popped like ten pills and swaggered on stage because Chris Sheppard was just that badass. What a champ.

On another note, Bran Van 3000 never gets old.


Drive your vehicle like you just don't care

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Ty was having a bit of a rough day yesterday and since I'm the epitome of a good girlfriend had the day off I baked some heart-shaped brownies to cheer him up and also satisfy my chocolate craving.
I'm not even sure where I got this lame-assed silicone baking tray from, probably some Christmas gift from a co-worker but it's cheesy hearts which I secretly love because I'm a big sap, so, whatever.

My baking prowess is Zero but they turned out great!
The first two nights back from our trip I didn't remember my dreams and it wasn't until this morning when I woke up remembering my dreams from last night that I realized how much it bugs me when I can't remember them (I always do).

For the record, I was Keanu Reeves as a pirate trying to save a baby by stealing the pirate's money and giving it to an old black lady who had raised me as a child so she could raise the baby as her own. Just saying.


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