In the Garden

I wake among orchids and lilies
whose petals cover my face like hands
my mouth full of dirt, wet and sweet
pebbles in my mouth like lies.

I walk, I talk, I move through a thick fog
of everyone's weighted dissatisfactions
tangling at my feet and twisting at my ankles
losing myself on the path.

I trip and fall and can't get up.

I lie and listen to the songbirds in the trees
their chip-chirp tunes that should whittle at me

"Pull yourself together"
"Get your shit in order"
"Stop being a burden"

but I don't bleed. Maybe I can't.

Maybe I am a stone in the garden
covered in damp moss on my North side
cold and hard and empty on the South
with nothing in-between.

I lie in a millstone where I grind at myself
words turn to ash in my mouth
dust of intention slips through my fingers.

I am becoming a fine powder you can wash or wipe away.

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