October 2010

I guess that this must be the place

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Woke up this morning feeling refreshed and cuddled and decided to skip English because -honestly- I can gert more productive learning done on my own time than that class. So I hit up Tim Horton's with Ty and enjoyed a leisurely coffee- so nice to relax on a Friday morning! I so rarely get to when I'm dashing out to class and to get my day started.

Wine date tonight with Candice; she just texted "be prepared to watch me clean my disaster kitchen!". Stoked!

Girl behind me at a table is loudly discussing with her friend about going through her bf's BB and finding him texting a number she doesn't recognize and she keeps repeating "I wonder how I can find out who that number is?". Have any of you ever done that? I can't imagine going into something as personal as someone's phone and looking for dirt, can you? Listening to this girl behind me makes me feel so thankful for all the good things I have -most specifically that I have a partner that I trust. I can't imagine feeling that that's necessary, or worrying like that. No thanks!

Speakng of which, need to get some prezzies tonight - my 1yr with Ty is next week, I can barely believe it! Time flies. But what can I get him? Men are so difficult to shop for, I literally walk around pointing out everything I'd like to have.

Luckily I have a secret weapon for Christmas ready, so if I blow it on this gift then at least I can hit the ball out of the park come December.

Besides, if worst comes to worst there's always the gift of sweet, sweet lovin'

Happy Friday! xo

Tomorow came and went

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Blurry img because I was trying to be incognito about taking it.

This girl in my English class this morning was asleep. And snoring. Loudly.
If I were a prof I would have stopped and said something; I mean really? Texting is one thing, but falling asleep and snoring?

Had another terrible encounter on the transit bus this morning on the way to the dentist's office which re-affirmed that bus drivers must really hate their lives if they have to pick on people:

I was in a rush and counted what I thought was exact change... so I pop my fare in and the bus driver calls me back and points it out that apparently I was .35 cents short (fare here is $2.35)... even though I don't think he could have known because there was a ton of change in there already?

Well it was the last of my change. Literally. I asked nicely if he could just let me on because I had a dentist appt to get to. He repeats that I am .35 cents short.

Repeat that convo 4-5 times... he finally just gives up and lets me on.

I go to sit down and he calls me back and refuses to move the bus
(now other passengers are giving me cut-eye...)
until I fill out a "Transit Delinquency Form" which is apparently where you put your name, address and phone number so Transit can call you to collect the fare you're missing?

Honestly, isn't the envelope and postage worth more than the supposed .35 cents?

I clearly didn't put my real name/address on it (eff that noise) because... you know what? I'm a good person, I'm a student, and I made a mistake and this dude decided to take his frustrations on the world out on me in front of a busload of people.

Honestly sometimes I think the majority of bus drivers are only in it so they can get their jollies by hassling people who seriously just need to get where they're going.


In your tiny circuit boots

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Perfect evening.

Post-midterm unwinding, we ordered some 'zah with chicken, tomato, feta and oregano that blew my face off. Watched some Aqua Tern Hunger Force and chilled with the 'ol iPad. Put on my leg warmers and listened to it rain outside.

Big 'tings a g'wan these next few weeks to be stoked about, I wish it weren't only Tuesday so I've got to make the rest of the week count so it goes bv faster.

Halloween costume is almost ready... my Renaissance Man is sewing me a custom dress and we've got some projects in store for this weekend too. We're going to a bumpin' loft party and aside from showing off our killer combo costumes I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with.
This is definitely one of my favorite holidays.

Next year we might be going as Vince Noir and Howard Moon. Maybe get a Milky Joe prop?


I'm a monkey in a long line of kings

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It's pouring like crazy outside and I'm glad I am inside, on campus, studying most of the day away and breaking occasionally to drink coffee or pee or in this case blog.

Most of the time I study in a silent study-place like the Loft area of at a secluded table but campus be bumpin' today so I am in the communal area near Cafe Bodhi and have been for the last few hours. Consequently a bunch of different people have sat down around me and had conversations and I can't help but eavesdrop, you know?

The kids (younger than I) next to me right now are currently talking about moms who harass their fat daughters and the how the girl believes that it "compounds her belief that people need to learn life lessons before having kids". I find that funny for some reason?

Earlier they were talking about a friend taking drugs and how they were worried he would be "hugging everyone and humping walls and stuff" and I almost laughed out loud and told them to stop listening to PSA warnings because there's a lot more in the world that they need to be worried about than someone with big pupils getting snuggly with peeps.

The guy just said his friend smokes "marijuana drugs". This is amazing.

I spend a lot of my time examining and listening to other people; I guess sometimes I'm judging but mostly I'm just looking. People fascinate me, I'm interested in what makes people dress the way they do, why they think the way that they think, and how they became who they are. Most of this I can't figure out by passing them on the street but sometimes I make up stories about them, a pretend life for them in my head that explains why they're taking Astronomy or are wearing Crocs in public.

These two are among my faves; people who seem completely unaware that there's a crowd of people around them and just talk and talk and talk and I love every second of it. They've gone from drugs to cigarettes to bad parenting, A&W to Mars bars to gym workouts. It's like a two-hour snippet into the lives of these two people I'll probably never meet again. I get to hear their thoughts, views, and snippets of

"and if you ever try a hallucinogen, those make you crave cigarettes".

You always get what you want

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Bashed my elbow and the my knee and fell down today.
Snagged my turquoise cardigan on a filing cabinet and tore the sleeve.
Got rained on.
Got smoked by a cyclist who zoomed around a corner on the sidewalk and sent me flying.
And I'm blogging in my bra and jeans and I need a drink so
badly. and am going to go and walk into the kitchen right now and get it -roommate be damned, I already saw his gf in her underpants today when she didn't think I was home.

It's one of these, here's a montage of one of the best commercials ever:

I haven't even seen half of these, they rule.
Too bad the beer are pretty shitty. But they're free so who cares.

Spent all night studying for an exam tomorrow and wound myself up too tight so this portion of the evening is brought to you (me) by drinks swiped from Roommate Supreme and Teh Internetz.

Love y'alls.


It Gets Better

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President Obama spoke out online today as part of the It Gets Better video project headed by Dan Savage after gay teen Billy Lucas committed suicide as a result of the teasing he endured.

It's an amazing, important project and it not only demonstrates that the US has a thoughtful and compassionate leader, but it's an outstanding example of the ability for people to connect and support one another online and hopefully it helps save lives.


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Happy birthday Tony Pierce!
Love you.
Love the Busblog.


I need a Russian fur hat

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I know you guys agree


Through the window of my eyes

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Adventured like crazy on Saturday and consequently wrote-off Sunday. Whoops.
Hustled to Mitchell's Fabrics for some Halloween costume fabric.

Ty's sewing it for me, isn't that sad? Not that he can sew, but that I can't?
Call me old-fashioned, but I keep feeling like it's something I should know how to do.
That and darn socks.
Okay, maybe not.

Did you know that Mondragon has the worst service ever? It does.
We must have sat there for a good 10-15 minutes before the waitress even came over to ask "do you guys have menus yet?" and Ty was harassing me to leave.

But I wanted my hipper, vegan, snobby food, damnit.
Also, I totally used their bathrooms which were "non-gender specific". Oye.
On it!
He just keeps getting cuter, doesn't he? Or is it just me?

I managed to get most of the way through the free copy of the Uniter before our orders even got taken, but let me tell you, Mondragon's Dragon Bowl salad
(not served in a bowl, though, they lost points for that...)
was amazing.
Hands-down the best sans-meat salad I've ever had.
(Also, they won points for serving it with chopsticks)
Fancy some home-made pottery?
Me, neither.
It's almost election time here in the 'Peg! I'm stoked to vote Sam Katz the hell OUT of office!

For those of you who don't know, he's our sleazy-as-hell, rude, secretive mayor who is only out to line the pockets of his buddies and I can't wait to not-vote for him.
Not that the alternatives are all that much better, honestly, but I'll vote for anyone who isn't this asshole.

Moving on.
Woody McBride at The Academy!

It's also Komus & Ridley's release Magnet on Communiqué Records, I'm so proud of them!
Their track is available on Beatport here, and the set of shots I did from the show are here.

Been having issues sleeping lately... or rather, sleeping enough.
Ever go through a phase where no matter how much sleep you get, you still find yourself being exhausted?
What did you do?
I'm running myself into the ground here because my sleep can't keep up with my life.

Of course, this Wisdom Tooth Action doesn't help either.
Hellooooooooooooo T3's!

I love you in the morning when you're all strung out

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Studying pretty much nonstop these days.

I have a wisdom tooth growing in and it's the worst; why do we even still have these?

Terrible timing. Thank goodness I can numb my gums.



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