November 2010

I only need one pin to show where my love's at

- by admin

It's snowing again and I forgot my toque today; big fat snowflakes I can feel melting on my ears already.
(I get frostbite every year, no matter what)

Had my final English class just now; Academic Writing is Over. English is Over.
Everything wraps up this week exept exams.
One this week, one next and one the next.
Simultaneous panic and relief.

"It's almost over" overshadowed with "but not yet".
Hence, tonight I spend studying.

But it's hard to keep writing when I can look out the window and watch the snow fall.
We've gotten so much this year, already.
Which is
but honestly, I miss the sun and it snows most days, all day.

Grey skies and white snow and grey ground and nobody's faces
because we're all looking down
trying not to slip and fall.

I can't help but think about explorers from decades ago exploring the unknown white
how scary it must have felt

Now we just worry about the slushy curbs
and not falling under a bus
did we forget our mittens at home
and will I pass my exam next week?

Priorities change, I guess.

News Flash!

- by admin

I know, because Fox & Friends told me so.

This bullshit makes me sick.


I'm gonna kiss you where the sun don't shine

- by admin

Today is Friday and also Black Friday for my American homes and the first day of the rest of our lives.

We've been studying The Holocaust in English and it scares me
makes me wonder what it's like to die
or, at least
to know it's coming, maybe tomorrow
maybe tonight.

I read once that if some nearby star exploded we'd be vaporized instantly
never know.
If that happened, I hope I'd go out doing something cool
like tandem skydiving in a sequined onesie
or high-fiving Billy Murray.


Speaking of space.

NASA found oxygen on Rhea which is mind-boggling
I wish we'd just find some other intelligent life already
can you imagine?
It would change everything.

Though I guess the best sign of intelligent life in the galaxy
is that it hasn't bothered to contact us.

Who said that?

It's like a dream to me

- by admin

Sometimes you just need a break from the 'ol grind.


If I can't have you then nobody can

- by admin

Had a killer cocktail party on the weekend.

Quite the shaker.

My last one for a few weeks; it's exam time and my social life is on lockdown.

Goodbye, social life.

I'll see you in a few weeks.



- by admin

Ty isn't growing a mustache for Movember, but does a five o'clock shadow count?


Do open windows keep the rain away?

- by admin

Coffee's done and it's too loud to write essays anymore; the late afternoon surge of students arrives and everyone, everyone is yelling about something or laughing obnoxiously.
Did I do this? Do I still?
I like to think I've become more considerate in public spaces as the years pass but I can't pass judgement on the teenage bimbos fresh out of high school that flit about in their size 00 pants and double-bleached hair.
I try hard not to judge them but find myself doing it anyway.
This is University, I want to say, Shape up!

It feels like I haven't see the sun in days, when was the last time it was sunny here? It's starting to snow today and the impending feeling is that it will never s
stop we're being plunged back into Winter and I don't know when we'll emerge, covered in slush and smelling like Outside.
I can almost feel the frostbite on my ears already.

At least it's a good excuse for a bottle of white wine with dinner.

- by admin

These nights I find myself awake, too late
tossing doing nothing
calm won't come.

Panic, what can I do?
try, try, try.
It feels Insufficient

Where does the time go?
so divided.
Not enough time for everything.
Time for Nothing.

this precarious balancing act I've gotten myself into
I don't feel like I can balance anymore

I'm so afraid of failling.

The bedroom lights of Genova heights are haunting me

- by admin

Hair dye is setting in and itching but maybe that's also me, thinking about all I have to do and all I've accomplished so far.

Post-work went Christmas shopping again; nearly done for this year and got a ton of neat goodies for Ty that I hope he'll appreciate. Think he will. Know he will. Only two relatives left to buy for and then a plethora of baking for gift baskets for friends.

Have I told you that Christmas is my favourite time of year?

Despite the over-saturation of songs, frills and bullshite just giving presents and being with the people I love makes me so unbelievably happy. Screw you, consumerism.
Speaking of which, had lunch at Lo Pub with Candice between jobs and I have to say that @Cenquist's recommendation of the mushroom nut burger was much appreciated- one of the best 'burgers' I've had in a long while!

Also it was cheap. Like, 12$ with a Coke Zero cheap.

My student budget thanked me.
Fall Term's nearly over (eek!) and once I'm done all the papers, presentations and exams I'm looking forward to a few weeks of working a bit and relaxing. Read some books
(though not pictured above)
hit the gym more regularly, do a bunch of baking and maybe set up a MNML SCRFDT 2 with Ty before Christmas comes.
Funny how being in school kind of almost makes the time slip away.
How is it nearly December?
This is what I wore to work today. Since I got frostbite last year (and the one before, and the one before...) I sport toques nonstop now while out rushing to class or work or out on Adventures.

My life is a nonstop adventure.

Did I mention that I still have to prep for a cocktail party I'm hosting this weekend?
It never stops and I love it.

I have lost my fangs

- by admin

Have I ever confessed my love of Asian markets to you?
Saturday in a flurry of shopping Ty and I went a bit crazy at Young's Market on McPhillips and came home with bagfuls of delicious goodies. Home-made Pho was had that evening as well as a delicious salad with spinach, goat cheese (not Asian but whatevs), dragonfruit, starfruit and pear.

This healthy and delicious lunch was followed up by a few rounds of beer, wings and fried pickles with some MixHard peeps for a MH Wing Night at -where else- Hooters.
What is up with those hot pants? Seriously.

Today, however, isn't as decadent as I was blindsided by a vicious cold that was waiting for me when I woke up this morning. I spent all day waiting to go home, got home... and my Grandma called.

She's sick, and asked if I could walk to Shoppers and get her some medicine. So I bundled up in all the wool I could find (and two scarves!) and plunged back outside into the cold, wind and the darkness so Grandma S. could get her meds. I feel 10x worse now, but I hope she feels better, I heart her very much.

Acorn squash and sweet potato in the oven right now; gonna make a purée and set a date with the couch. I was going to write my English essay today but there's just no way that's happening now. Rest = needed.

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