we're watching Star Trek: The Journey Home

why? because we just watched Star Trek: The Search for Spock of course and it only makes sense that we watch the follow-up film immediately because it's an even number and apparently the even-numbered Star Trek movies are the better ones in the series.

also because of this conversation:

what's weird is that despite the fact that Kirk keeps blowing shit up and killing people, they keep reprimanding him and giving him guff even though he always saves the world and sometimes more than one world. you'd think Starfleet would just know to let him do his thing by now, but no. they never learn.

what's also weird is that shatner's acting doesn't get any better with the successive movies. you'd think with all this practice he wouldn't sound so stiff and unnatural but, nope, he's still pretty rough.

I guess that doesn't matter when you kick ass though.

I used to watch Star Trek when I was a kid but was never that into it. probably because my mum watched Start Trek Voyager which from what I understand is one of the least awesome Star Treks, or so The Internet and my boyfriend at the time told me.

nevertheless I used to hang with her in the evenings as she watched it on the Space Channel, remember that? is it still on? I don't have cable, you tell me.

I don't really get people who choose to keep regular cable these days, actually. between Netflix and Hulu and downloading stuff (which I totally don't do) and streaming tv through web browsers it seems like an expensive way to kill time by flipping between channels.

maybe it means I'm getting old.

maybe I'm not cool anymore?


twentysomethings who watch old Star Trek on weeknights are totally cool.