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YouTube isn't working for me

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I was going to post a vlog I did about being a part of the RRC CreComm Bloggers Round Table this morning with Erica, Liz, and James that was beyond fantastic.

I was going to thank Kent Larsen for having us and thank the CreComm students for not making fun of me when I said stupid things
and I even re-recorded the video so I didn't burp in the middle of it
but YouTube refuses to let me upload the video with audio that syncs up to their site with audio that syncs up and the result is just too painful and creepy to watch so I'm just going to say this:

thank you Kent, thank you CreComm students, and thank you wonderful Winnipeg bloggers (so nice meeting you in person!)

and since I can't show you my video here's a video of Louis CK talking about George Carlin:


Let's shine brighter, let's be you and me

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You may recall last June when I attended a festival in downtown Winnipeg called the Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition -MEME for short- (the flickr set is here). It was a fantastic time with lots of great music, solid people and an amazing venue at The Cube; in the Exchange District.

Based on last year's experience I was clearly pumped to go again, but this year I have even more of a reason to be excited: I've been brought on as the Communications Coordinator for the festival and will be collaborating with some seriously talented people to help enhance the festival this year.

Not only does MEME have a snazzy new logo, it also has a brand spakin' new website; jam-packed with info about the festival, artist bios and cool articles, but we're also on Twitter at @memefestival (so give us a Follow)!

I'm genuinely thrilled to be working with so many awesome people, like Nathan and Mich of Symptomtech, Adam of Balanced Records, Jabez, Skot (aka Mr Ghosty)and so many more creative, driven and inspiring individuals!

We have so much to offer everyone in #Winnipeg this summer and though we've all been working really hard to get the ball rolling, it's only just begun!

I foresee a jam-packed summer ahead :)

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