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If you knew you were gonna die, what would you do?

- by Alyson Shane

If death was looking me in the eye here are a few things I'd do:

blog every day and record what a total mindfuck impending death must be

call my Grandma and tell her I love her

book a trip to somewhere crazy like Machu Picchu or Morocco or the Galapagos Islands

take a million photos with the people I love

say goodbye to my clients and my business

cry a lot

watch ghost movies and plan my next moves as a poltergeist

(just kidding - I don't believe in ghosts)

make sure Toulouse and BJ are in a loving home

listen to a lot of Leonard Cohen

give all my earthly possessions away

(except my MacBook Pro, signed copy of Hospital Music, and photos of my Grandma)

but I know that most of the stuff I have is pretty run-of-the-mill and not all that interesting

but lemme tell you if I had a trove of diamonds, rubies, rare coins, gold nuggets, and expensive stuff I would 100% hide that stuff in a chest and create a puzzling poem and treasure map to go with it

because if yr gonna die anyway you may as well use it as an opportunity to make some people happy, or excited

and heck, maybe some people will even take an adventure because of it

which is the best thing to do while you're still alive, imo.


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