Twitter for Beginners

This three-part series is designed to introduce a non-user to the ins and outs what Twitter is, how it works, and how to make the most of this powerful social network.

Sections are broken down as follows:

Part One

  • Twitter terminology
  • The difference between a retweet and a quoted tweet
  • How to use hashtags (#)
  • Private messages (PMs)

Part Two

  • Optimizing your Twitter bio
  • How to find people to follow
  • Non-intrusive ways to get new followers
  • Why a follower/following ratio is important
  • Conversation trees
  • Tweeting best practices & daily goals
  • Muting & blocking
  • Finding content using Tailored Trends

Part Three

  • How to develop your 'voice' through your Tweets
  • How to curate great content
  • Making the most of Twitter Chats
  • Third-party tools
  • Understanding Twitter analytics

Extra Credit: Twitter Analytics

  • Understanding analytics definitions
  • Monthly reports
  • Measuring engagement
  • Identifying top influencers
  • Gaining community insight
  • The difference between shared & favourited tweets
  • Figuring out your "Favourited Rate"

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