people are cray

case in point, the alex jones aka the crazy person who was on CNN a few days ago yelling at Piers Morgan and then posted an even crazier video afterwards about how he thought he was being followed and going to be murdered by crackheads.

or something like that, I only read the huffpo article in brief because I can't handle listen to peeps who talk say stuff like that. people who believe that chemtrails are bad and that there's a secret gov't conspiracy for everything just blow my mind.

like yeah, the gov't is probably orchestrating a lot of stuff behind yr back, but it's the gov't and they've been doing that since the time when they were first established. thing is, the stuff they're orchestrating probably isn't the stuff you're raving about on your youtube channel or on yr radio show which is apparently really popular?

which just goes to show that people will listen to anything as long as it's radical and scary.

I keep waiting for this guy to pop up and be all

omg guys jk I don't actually believe all that ridiculous stuff

which will be the greatest prank in recent history.

but somehow I doubt that'll happen.