tyrone and I are going to watch solaris tonight

which is dumb because this is the third time we've attempted to watch it but we keep getting tired. not because it's a bad movie -it's really good and pretty unsettling- but because we always try to watch it at the wrong time.

the first time was a while back. we'd decided to stay in and have a sexytime saturday night in. we made chicken stuffed somethingorother and pasta from de luca's and wine oh yes, wine.

and we made a picnic on the floor in the living room with pillows and lit only candles and it was really romantic and we had a good time eating dinner.

then after we decided to watch a movie and picked the most undatelike movie in our queue which was solaris. and by that I mean the original one in russian not the one with bobble-head george clooney, just to be clear.

we figured we'd watch it and hold each other and then when it was done we'd hold each other some more except in that way and then go to sleep after.

which didn't happen. we fell asleep like 45mins into the movie and woke up during the credits.


so it's been months and we just hadn't gotten around to it and yesterday we spent the day at home hiding from the cold and watching movies. we watched toy story 3 which made us cry and then the english patient which made us cry and then tyrone was all

hey let's finish up solaris

and I was down because I was awake and we'd been rocking movies all day so it made sense.

so we settled in and skipped to the part where we'd passed out last time and starter to give 'er the best watch ever

except 20mins before the end we were both falling asleep


I don't know what it is with us and this movie because it's all the things we like in a film, but we just get sleepy aftert fifteen minutes. either way tonight we're going to make a mean batch of soup and finish that sucker

fingers crossed.