I still wanna see The Great Gatsby

Even though it's not doing super hot in theaters and it's only got a 51% rating on rotten tomatoes.

I can't help it, I think it's because Leonardo DiCaprio is in it.

Scratch that. I know it's Leonardo DiCaprio is in it.

A few weeks ago the cat was bugging me at like 4am and I couldn't get back to sleep. So since it was Saturday I decided to go hang on the couch and see if I was going to fall back to sleep eventually, or what, and wound up watching Titanic, which I haven't seen in a few yrs.

It was actually better than my youthful self remembers. Though that might be because I could pause it and go pee halfway through without having to push past an aisle full of peeps just trying to enjoy the movie, dammit.


Leo was great in it. I always forget what an amazing actor he is until I'm watching one of his movies. Then I'm all

"holy shit, he's handsome and talented"

which is why I want to see Gatsby, even though from what I know there isn't any nudity à la Kate Winslet's fabulous boobs like in Titanic.

But I can deal. Plus Carey Mulligan is pretty effin cute.

The thing that puzzles me still is this:

Why did people expect the movie to be so great?

It's a mediocre movie based on a mediocre book

except the movie has a zebra in a fountain.