Everything is perfect

Stayed in last night and watched The Tree of Life.

Which is
makes you feel terribly
compared to the overwhelming space scenes
(I almost cried during a scene featuring the Horse Head Nebula to the tune of lacrimosa)
and smothered, claustrophobic
watching the characters live out their lives.

Terrence Mallick is genius
and Brad Pitt absolutely
Though the movie lost it's shit a bit in the last ten minutes -sorry to say.

watch it anyway.

Then go watch Upstream Color
(if you haven't already)
because Shane Carruth is brilliant
and his film is like a Mallick movie
but makes slightly more sense.

We were up late, after coffee and a nice long walk
playing vide games and being nerds together
which isn't abnormal
but still nice.

This morning I woke up to rain.

The quiet sound of it outside
& the smell of it, too.
So we made baked eggs and kept few lights on

and here we are.

Happy weekend.