Which is better: Drive the movie or Drive the soundtrack?

We're watching the movie right now so I'll get back to you on the soundtrack part but so far it's pretty kickass.

I can tell I've been playing a lot of GTA 5 recently because at the beginning of the movie when Ryan Gosling was driving around listening to the police radio all I kept thinking was

it's a shame he couldn't see their radars right now.

I've been playing so much of it because we've been on Christmas vacation which basically has resulted with a lot of drinking with my friends, sleeping in, going to the gym, reading a few books I've been meaning to get around to, and playing a lot of video games because it's fucking cold outside.

Tomorrow is NYE as you all know and I should probably be reflecting on the past year and I probably will at some point

all the cool shit I did
the university I graduated from
the jobs I got, lost, and have now
the people in my life

but not right now because Ryan Gosling is being too dreamy.