Today is Elvis Costello's birthday

he's 60 which means that he was the age of the guy that I'm dating when I was born. Wrap yr head around that.

I didn't grow up listening to Costello as my parents (bless their hearts) had questionable taste in music besides blasting Elton John during Sunday morning house cleanings.

The first time I really heard Costello was sitting in a coffee shop downtown drinking a London Fog with a boy I was dating who was into photography and had just finished taking my picture in the December snow in a dress that was far too short for the wind chill that night.

We were talking about who knows what when Little Palaces came on and he started to sing along and I said

I don't know this song

and he said

that's unbelievable! I'm taking you home and we're going to listen to all of his greatest hits and then some because it is a travesty if you don't know Costello.

He took my hand and we ran through the snowbanks and suddenly my legs didn't feel so cold

and he made me hot chocolate and sang Alison

which isn't spelled right but whatever

I'll take it.

Happy birthday, Mr. Costello.