The Poutine Cup rocked my world


In case you missed it The Poutine Cup was a badass event held at Fort Gibraltar where a bunch of the best restos in town made fancy poutine and competed for the title of Best Poutine.


This gentleman took me and we had a blast drinking beer and eating poutine and otherwise making the French proud.


We had the good fortune to spend the evening with the charming and hilarious Adrian and LJT which honestly made the evening so much better.

Everything's better when you share it with friends.

Especially when "everything" means poutine with the fanciest toppings and seasonal craft beer from yr favourite local brewery.


The place was packed to the tits

(sold out, I believe?)

and there was so much all you can eat fancy poutine that yr girl had to drag herself up the stairs to the top of the fort wall to take this photo.

By the end of the evening we were all standing around and loudly exclaiming how full we were

while still sipping full glasses of PunkNFest, of course.


Later in the eve there was live music to serenade us while we munched away and then later while we bemoaned how much we ate

which was completely worth it, but you know.

At the end of the night they announced the winners:

Marion Street Eatery for their amazing creation with apple chutney and other goodies, and then the Judges Choice which was MAW's Eatery and Bar.

Yr girl voted for Marion, as did the boys, because we know our shit.

Looking back it was an incredible night:

I got to hang out in an old fort, eat all the poutine I could eat, drink amazing beer from my favourite brewery, and do it all in the company of some of my favourite people.

What else could a girl ask for?