Happy Friday

Worked from home because yr girl has a sore throat and screw sitting in an office answering phones when I can happily whittle away at my workload from the comfort of The House at Bear Corner (where I live) and even better do so in thigh-high socks and not office attire.

Worked on a website, wrote some content, strategized. You know how I do.

Ventured out of the house in the cold to get coffees, beans, groceries and a bunch of wine because it's the weekend you sillies.

We went to DeLuca's Fine Wines and ate part of a chocolate shoe that didn't look like a shoe at all, but rather just pieces of chocolate on a plate at the front counter. But the lady working there also gave us port to try with it so all was good.

She made me laugh and it hurt and I sounded like The Cryptkeeper.Untitled-1

But even though my voice is fucked I'm not going to let it stop me from seeing July Talk tomorrow night at The Pyramid.

With all the cool kids aka John, Adrian and LJT and whoever else shows up that I don't know about yet.

Maybe the dude we we chatted with at Thom Bargen.

Is it weird to say hi to your regular barrista outside of a coffee shop setting?

Maybe I'll get to find out.

Hope your weekend is

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