Yesterday was National Cat Day

1379378_10154733080610323_1002894992555909884_nso to celebrate let's talk about my favourite weirdo cat, Toulouse Lautrec.

I picked up Toulouse after a day of shopping with friends and scrolling through Kijiji ads over baklava and coffees. I called the lady who was giving him away and we drove over to a house in St James which was cluttered full of stuff and full of cats. She put Toulouse on my shoulder and he crawled behind my hair and started licking my neck and I fell in love.

He was just a little guy, then -probably too young to actually be separated from his mum, now that I think about it- and attached himself to me immediately.

Whenever I come home he runs to the door to meet me.10441316_10154532176220323_3410137655763805314_n When I'm in bed he insists on crawling on the pillows above my head and keeping me warm by being a furry hat.

He loves to knead my neck and lick my hair and sit in weird poses and lives for belly rubs.

In fact, if you start to pet him within a few seconds he'll be on his back with his tummy exposed, looking at you with an expectant look that says

"please please me"

which everyone does, because you can't say no to that face.