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A post for Toulouse

- by Alyson Shane

who is sitting in my lap right now.

This morning I woke up and felt his lil furry back curled up against me and realized how much I'd missed him while we were gone.

I've had Toulouse 
(or Tig, or
T., or
Little Baby)

for basically his entire life. 

I got him for free off Kijiji after showing up to look at a different kitten who was being advertised for $5, but we got there the woman who was selling the two kittens told me that the kitten I wanted

(a cute red tabby; I've always wanted one)

was gone, but THIS LITTLE GUY, she gushed as she scooped a very small kitten up off the ground

was still waiting for someone to take him home. He was scrawny, loud, and though the raccoon-mask pattern on his face was cute.

He wasn't the cat I'd come for but I didn't want to be rude, so I accepted the kitten when she handed him to me
held him up to my chest

right away he climbed under my hair
and I knew he was mine.

Since then he's flopped all over
the internet
the house
and my heart.

Like me, my cat isn't afraid to ask
for attention, and has a big, big personality.

He isn't shy and loves to "huss around" rubbing, meowing, putting his hands on you to get your attention

or straight-up jumping into your lap when you're in the middle of something to meow in your face.

We've been through a lot together, T. and me.

At first we were part of a different family
with another man
and another cat
in another apartment
in a different part of town

in what almost feels like a dream at this point.

The part that feels real
the part I can go back to so easily that I can almost touch it

is the little family John, Toulouse, and I started building.

In bed in my old apartment on Spence St, reading "Reunion" with the window open
Toulouse burrowing into the pillow between us 
and never sitting still.

Now almost a decade later I'm sitting in my dining room, writing this, his soft purring warming my legs

and I look down and see the white fur on his ears
that wasn't there before
and I think about the time we have left
how fast it's going, slipping through my fingers

how many days of tummy rubs, belly flops, head pats, snuggles and kisses 

(the latter of which he just tolerates)

we've already had together. The small habits and patterns we've developed over the decade we've been together that define so many of my days and nights

and I feel guilty for how long I was away.

But still, I'm happy to be here
watching his slow, easy breathing
knowing that he feels safe with me
and I hope that makes him happy, too.

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Yesterday was National Cat Day

- by admin

1379378_10154733080610323_1002894992555909884_nso to celebrate let's talk about my favourite weirdo cat, Toulouse Lautrec.

I picked up Toulouse after a day of shopping with friends and scrolling through Kijiji ads over baklava and coffees. I called the lady who was giving him away and we drove over to a house in St James which was cluttered full of stuff and full of cats. She put Toulouse on my shoulder and he crawled behind my hair and started licking my neck and I fell in love.

He was just a little guy, then -probably too young to actually be separated from his mum, now that I think about it- and attached himself to me immediately.

Whenever I come home he runs to the door to meet me.10441316_10154532176220323_3410137655763805314_n When I'm in bed he insists on crawling on the pillows above my head and keeping me warm by being a furry hat.

He loves to knead my neck and lick my hair and sit in weird poses and lives for belly rubs.

In fact, if you start to pet him within a few seconds he'll be on his back with his tummy exposed, looking at you with an expectant look that says

"please please me"

which everyone does, because you can't say no to that face.


I want to be my cat when I grow up

- by admin

IMG_3508This is what he did while we ate dinner last night

then proceeded to roll around some more

chase his toy under the couch

pop a sick lean on the wall

and fall asleep on the ottoman.

All in the span of a single Doctor Who episode.

Toulouse is livin' the life.

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the latest man in my life

- by admin

is younger than me. he's only three months old.

we haven't been together very long. only a month and half since he came into my life.

he shows affection is ways I'm not used to.

he climbs on me and sucks on my hair and kneads my neck.

when I sit on the couch and type on the laptop (like I'm doing now)541462_10152632498670323_77071178_n

he climbs up my chest and hangs over my shoulder

giving me a huge furry hug.

he likes everyone and everyone likes him

just like one of the other important men that I live with

(no, not Ford, silly. Tyrone!)

I'm lucky to have all of them.

they all make me happy all of the time.

but this little sweetheart holds a special place in my heart

even if he does break into my purse and carry tampons around the apartment in his mouth.

you've gotta take the good with the bad, right?

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