the latest man in my life

is younger than me. he's only three months old.

we haven't been together very long. only a month and half since he came into my life.

he shows affection is ways I'm not used to.

he climbs on me and sucks on my hair and kneads my neck.

when I sit on the couch and type on the laptop (like I'm doing now)541462_10152632498670323_77071178_n

he climbs up my chest and hangs over my shoulder

giving me a huge furry hug.

he likes everyone and everyone likes him

just like one of the other important men that I live with

(no, not Ford, silly. Tyrone!)

I'm lucky to have all of them.

they all make me happy all of the time.

but this little sweetheart holds a special place in my heart

even if he does break into my purse and carry tampons around the apartment in his mouth.

you've gotta take the good with the bad, right?