My skin is stained with fake blood

which got me a couple of weird looks at the gym today -especially the giant red line down the side of my face, but, oh well.

It was worth it to dress up like zombies and hand out candy last night though.

I hadn't handed out candy to kids since I lived with my parents and since I live in a really family-friendly neighbourhood I expected kids to come in dozens but they didn't which surprised me. I was also unimpressed with the groups of older kids who just showed up at my door wearing regular clothes and a weird hat or necklace or whatever.

Are kids these days really that lazy? I wore my witch costume back-to-back for like four years because my mum said I was "too old" and still went out.

Even I knew that no costume meant no candy, duh.

Anyway. I also experienced this moment:


Kids these days!

Once the trick-or-treaters died down we inhaled chicken and a few drinks and headed to The Park Theatre to check out Evil Dead: The Musical which was un-fucking-believeable.

We had front row seats in the Splatter Zone because obviously that's what you do at a show like that.


The opener was an Elvis impersonator who shot fake blood onto the crowd by jerking off his fake-blood-filled watergun. He also threw stuff like fake spiders and snakes into the crowd and (almost) did the splits. It was incredible.


The show was phenomenal of course. The actors were great, the songs were hilarious, and it felt like the perfect thing to do on Halloween.


By the end of the night were covered in fake blood and my face hurt from laughing and smiling. Perfect.

Hope you had a Happy Halloween, too!


yr girl Shaner

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