_MG_8801It was my birthday yesterday

I'm 27 now.

Which isn't a huge milestone but it gave me pause to sit back
reflect, think
on the year that's come and gone
and how crazy things have been.

I was fired from my first big-girl job
I left a long-term relationship
I lost a lot of so-called "friends"
I've been called all of the awful things you can call a person
and then some.

I cried more than I ever have in my life.

But in all of it I managed to find so much.

A 9-5 that challenges me and is allowing me to grow
Freelance work that's engaging and exciting
Gaining new friends
realizing the amazing potential in older ones

Opening my heart up to someone new

which was the scariest thing of all

but obviously the most rewarding.

It's crazy to think that
not too long ago my dad was sitting in a hospital with my mum
holding her hand as I was being born
instead of golfing
on November 11th, 1987, in Winnipeg, Manitoba

which is the craziest thing of all to consider

because when the fuck hasn't it snowed on my birthday?

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