Living on Lenore

I've been living in a lovely house (aka The House at Bear Corner, if you ask John)

for almost two months now.

It's been a huge adjustment for me.

I used to always say "I'll never have roommates again, f that noise"

which of course wasn't true because I had a brief stint with a really nice girl in my old apartment before I moved

but this is different -this is a big, busy house with lots of traffic and action and emotions

(mostly mine)

which have mostly been emotions around things like

where did my favourite mug go?

am I hogging the kitchen too often?

why are there dishes left in the living room?

do I even have "alone time" anymore?


how long is the blanket fort staying up this time?10801932_10154864862610323_3578621124192642311_n

(This has been a bit of an adjustment, to say the least.)

Last night, after coming home from the gym and chatting with Alex

then hanging out with John and Les

I started making dinner in the kitchen by myself

listening to whatever came on my iTunes and puttering about while it cooked

and Les came back downstairs with a bowl of soup for me

for no reason

which was so sweet and thoughtful and made me feel really wonderful

and I realized that I'm finally starting to settle the fuck down about things

because living in a place that pushes my boundaries and

-for a while at least-

puts me out of my comfort zone of "My Apartment With Just My Things My Way"

is proving to be such a great experience, and a wonderful opportunity to grow.

Here's to my first winter on Lenore -hopefully the first of many.

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