Every day's the 14th

Today is a day to celebrate love, and to honour that I'm gonna dedicate this post to two of my favourite things:

John, and quizzes that remind me of being back on LiveJournal in 2002.

I saw this quiz as a post my friend Donna shared on Facebook and it brought back memories of mooning over boys (literal boys, I was a teenager in 2002) and sharing random quizzes on our blogs even though everyone in my blogroll knew each other so well that we didn't really need to read each other's answers, but we did anyway because what good is a personal blog if you don't share random stuff on it every once in a while?

So without further ado, a lil backstory about us to celebrate V-Day 2022:

How did you meet? At a baby shower for a mutual friend. John was telling some hilarious story and I noticed him right away.

First Date? Cousin's diner (RIP) — we sat at a small table tucked away in a back corner and ate knish while holding hands.

How long have you been together? Almost 9 years

Married? Two years as of January 25th!

Age difference? 6.5 years

Who was interested first? Not sure, but I think we both started making googly eyes at each other pretty much right away.

Who is taller? John, by like almost a foot I think

Who said I love you first? John did.

Most impatient? Me for sure.

Most sensitive? Also me.

Who is the loudest? We're both pretty loud and energetic people but I probably take the cake here.

Most stubborn? John, but (as he said to me in a letter he wrote to me when we first got together) "is always willing to change his mind if shown a better way." That sentence still stands out as something that made me want to be with him.

Falls asleep first? Me, almost always.

Cooks better? I tend to take the lead and make more things/suggest more meals, but we're both pretty adept in the kitchen.

Better morning person? John for sure. I'm grumpy and groggy a lot longer after I wake up.

Most competitive? Me; John's pretty chill about most things.

Funniest? John for sure. He makes me laugh until my face hurts and drops dad jokes on me daily.

Where do you eat out most as a couple? It's a toss up between The Yellow Dog and The Nook.

Who is more social? Me in terms of planning hangs and social activities, but John is a true social butterfly once you get him around other people.

Who is the neat freak? Me FOR SURE.

Who initiated your first kiss? John's ex-girlfriend. We were all partying at Folk Fest and she insisted that John "kiss Alyson just to see what it's like" and we were both so anxious about it that he bashed my lip with his tooth. AWKWARD.

How long did it take to get serious? We'd known each other for years so as soon as we (finally) got together is was a serious thing.

Who picks where you go to for dinner? We usually decide together, but I probably lead with more ideas and suggestions.

Who is the first one to admit when they're wrong? Depends on the conflict, but we're both pretty good at coming back to the table and apologizing (couple's therapy helped a lot with this).

Who has more tattoos? John, he's got three and I have two.

Who sings better? John! But he always encourages me to sing and I have the best time being in our band Big Trouble in Little Wolseley with him.

Hogs the remote? Neither? We don't watch cable so the remote usually just sits on the coffee table until we need to select the next episode or whatever.

Spends the most? Me, but that's because I handle buying groceries, stuff for the house, etc.

Did you go to the same school? Nope — John was already graduated (and living in Winnipeg, I think?) by the time I'd graduated from high school.  

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