Warm moments

It's Sunday night and my movie date with Jasmin is about to start. 

I'm sitting in my art room - a space I haven't had the time/energy/motivation to curl up in over the last few weeks because I've been so busy.

But tonight's different. Tonight I finally have some time to myself.

My body is tired but I feel serene. 

We spent the afternoon at a local pool brushing up on our scuba skills so my muscles feel used in a good and familiar way. I was nervous about going for a refresher 

(scuba freaks me out a bit until I'm actually in the water, breathing)

but we had a ton of fun and went out for dinner and drinks with some of the people who run the dive shop after. It's been a busy weekend with lots of socializing and running around, 

between PIE: The Music of Cake at The Good Will on Friday 

and DnD last night

then scuba today

but right now it's just me, my mug of hot chocolate, and my 379257497 Signal messages from Alex-lee

and the little crafts, art projects, and small tasks I'm doing before my movie date starts.

Feeling perfectly content.

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