Obby Khan is a Sellout

Today my band, Big Trouble in Little Wolseley, put out a new song.

It's a cover of a Less Than Jake song called "Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts" and ours is called

"Obby Khan is a Sellout"

because he is.

Obby Khan is a politician from Manitoba, where I live, and during the pandemic the Provincial Conservative government announced that they were giving out $1.5 million in grants to support local businesses since many brick-and-mortar stores couldn't stay open during the lockdowns.

Obby Khan was awarded $500,000 of that money to fund what is basically a delivery service for local items called GoodLocal.

But GoodLocal never really helped anyone. Most businesses had e-commerce set up already.

Later that year, Obby Khan ran as a PC candidate and got elected.

Earlier this year he made the news again by claiming he was shoved by Wab Kinew, the leader of Manitoba's New Democratic Party (NDP) even when video evidence showed that it never happened.

Obby Khan is 6"2 and Wab Kinew is 5'7, but apparently Obby Khan is "scared" of him

(which is really just a racist dog whistle that perpetuates the "scary native" persona the PCs are trying to paint him with since Kinew is Indigenous)

it's gross and disappointing to see someone being such an obvious lackey to a government that is refusing to negotiate with nurses, that's closed ERs, and is playing into far-right rhetoric about "parental rights" like the Republicans are doing in the States.

 Obby Khan is a sellout and doesn't deserve to represent Manitobans

and that's what this song is about.

Enjoy and if you live in Manitoba, don't forget to vote so we can kick these

losers out of office.