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One look at a banana and you can tell it came from outer space.

- by Alyson Shane

That line is from The Blind Assassin, by Margaret Atwood. John and I are reading it together right now - it's his first time but I've read it about four times since I first read it in my first year of university. 

It's one of my favourites and it's neat sharing it with him.

We read together most evenings, and sometimes during the day on the weekends, too. Once in a while I read out loud but usually he reads to me while I curl up in our down comforter, or lie in his arms, or sometimes paint my toenails or clean the bathroom.

So far the list of books that we've read together looks like this:

The Tao of Pooh 
James and the Giant Peach
The Neverending Story
Station Eleven
The Blind Assassin

which I believe is missing a few but I can't really remember at the moment. 

It's weird dating another avid reader, but wonderful. Our very first "date night" after we started dating was on a Friday night. We made rosemary chicken and salad and drank red wine and sat on John's shag rug and talked made out and he read Oscar Wilde poems to me. 

How could I not be completely charmed, really?

Even now we read to each other constantly; yesterday while running errands John asked me to read something to him in the car and so I did. 

He drove and I read and we talked and it was lovely.

Most of what I've done this weekend involved potting plants, shopping, cooking or reading. I spent very little time online and what time I did spend was largely spent reading articles in the car yesterday.

It was nice to unwind and recharge. 

Don't get me wrong, it's nice to catch up on Twitter and write a bit here and whatnot. 

But honestly I can't wait to peel back the blankets, get into bed, and lose myself in that book again.


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