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Last night was brought to you by: Alexander Keith's

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Some local #Winnipeg tweeps @cenquist, @kenquist, Ty and I headed down to Smoke's Poutinerie to see what all the fuss was about.

We may not be Montreal, but Winnipeg loves it's poutine! The line-up was unreal even at 7pm when we got there, I tweeted a picture of it here -we must have waited at least half an hour!

SO worth it, though! I nomfaced that ish so hard I didn't even think to take a picture. I had the Nacho Grande, make sure you try it!

Afterwards we headed to one of our regular watering holes for #HalfPintsThursdays with @adriantrimble, @rhondalmartens and a surprise visit from @alexridley!

Once we'd engaged in some seriously NSFW-themed conversation (really, Kevin?!) and knocked back a couple of pints we were getting ready to head out when these girls in plaid skirts came up to us and asked if we would like to "come upstairs and play some games and have free drinks with them"

Cynical folk that we are, for whatever reason these sweet girls had to spend a few minutes convincing us this would be a good idea! In hindsight I really have no idea what we were worried about, the fine lasses were reps from Alexander Keith's!

So we went upstairs and lo and behind there were drinking games, Connect Four, and various kinds of Alexander Keith's for us to drink -for free!

We played this game where you roll the die and turn down the numbered blocks depending on what your score is, and the person with the highest score won a prize: some sweet Alexander Keith's pint glasses and an index card full of recipes using the beer!

I didn't win one because I rarely win at any sort of game, but it was still fun to try! @kenquist won two sets -one for the drinking game, and another for knowing the story behind Alexander Keith's India Pale Al -I even learned something new!

I was definitely pleased with the situation!

It also turns out I haven't gotten any better at Connect Four since I was a kid -I apparently beat @cenquist and didn't even realize! (probably due to beer)

I just want to say a THANK YOU! to Alexander Keith's for providing us with such a great time, the reps were fantastic, chatty and interesting people who seemed to love their jobs (who wouldn't?) and it was a neat and super positive way to connect to the brand like that. It totally made my evening and I'm going to be sure to tell people about what a great experience it was.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's the first sunny day in Winnipeg and I'm going to go outside and enjoy it! Have a great weekend!

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