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this weekend we're going to the US of A

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no it's not going to visit Tony though I wish I was. we're going to red lake falls to do some tubing and camping and drinking liquor at 1/4 the price that is up here in canadia.

I've only been there once, and even then not really.

when I was a youngster my nan and granddad took us to some town like an hour south of the border (I forget which) where we hung around in parks and had picnics and probably did some cool stuff that I don't remember anymore.

what I do remember is the first night we stayed in a hotel with an indoor pool and my nan was upset that our sliding door looked out onto it because it was loud. I was swimming in the swimming pool and coming up to the ladder to get out some kid pushed me and I slammed my upper lip against my teeth. I had braces at the time and it hurt like a mofo and I got blood in the pool and it was disgusting.

I also remember reading a Babysitter's Club book on a picnic bench while my brothers played in a park. I'd bought this bookmark for 2$ at some tacky souvenir shop where everything was all wood or glass, you know the kind, and it had a fairy on it. I wish I had it now so I could see if it was still as nice as I thought it was.

probably not.

the thing I remember most, though, is having dinner in some restaurant and the waitress turning to my nan and saying "oh where are you guys from?" and my nan replying "oh we're from Canada" in her very, very British accent and the waitress saying

"oh I thought so, I can tell by your accent"

which was my first impression of Americans ever.

but now I'm grown up and have much more complex views of my neighbours to the south and frankly am excited to go down there and party it up a bit.

even though we'll be there for canada day long weekend and will be partying with a bunch of other Canadians who all have the same idea.

but you shhhh about that.

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