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I'll just leave this here

- by admin

happy Monday, more later

if you're going to do anything with your life

- by admin

be unique

be original

think for yourself

just like these people reacting to Conan O'Brien

... or not.


If there's one thing I don't like showing

- by admin

it's my feet.

I don't like my feet, I don't like anyone's feet, I basically don't like feet in general.

but I did something to my left foot while out Halloween partying

and I don't think it's broken but it sure is effed up

and as a result Tyrone told me

that since I should rest my effed up foot

(and we were both tired)

he would order me some Chinese food that we could eat in our underwear while watching Pitch Black

and while that was great

it would have been much better if it had been delivered by Conan O'Brien

I've gotta move to New York.


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