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crabtacular day #2

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I am not feeling well and was growing my sorrows in a bowl of Campbell's chicken noodle soup (my favourite) while trying not to get hypothermia in our icebox apartment and I took like six videos I was going to blog today and as I was transferring them into iPhoto my phone crashed and I lost them all, plus all the pictures and videos I was uploading from this weekend. I'm genuinely upset by this, I spent a lot of time taking silly videos and basically making myself cheer up throughout the length of my not-that-great day and they're lost somewhere. fml.

and don't you throw a "haha I thought iPhones never screw up" in my face because they're technology and they're not perfect and it happens but dammit that was my whole post for today and now you guys aren't getting another one because I think I have a fever or something and need to go lie down and fume and/or go to sleep.

this is how I feel right now:

I'm going to take some Aspirin and lie down and hope things are better when I get up. gaaaaaah.

quick post today

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since I slept all day now I am going to campus to catch up on the readings I have due tomorrow and hopefully not to sit on my iPad until class starts tonight at 6pm so instead I'll leave you with these words of wisdom:

never underestimate the power of the 'stache


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