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Worth remembering

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Taken in tornado rubble in Moore, OK

Meet Barbara

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The new lady in my life.

She's the replacement to my other bike, the love of my life, Vikki, who was the other half to Vance, Tyrone's bike. They matched and were his & hers and it was wonderful until I got hit by some woman in an SUV who pulled out of a back lane looking at traffic going the other way (she wanted to cross the street and turn) at the end of last summer.

It was horrible and I was heartbroken. I missed my bike.

Luckily yesterday I was able to snag my new girl for a paltry sum of $30 (!!!) which is cheap, cheap, cheap, kids.

I took her out for a nice, solid 16km ride this evening and I'm happy to report she rides like a dream.

It's going to be such a good summer, it's making me a bit emotional to think about.


I don't think white people are allowed to say that

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There aren't enough facepalms in the universe for this.

Breaking news

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I still know all the words to Shoop.

As you were.

Brioni suit jackets on ebay

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Tyrone is thinking about ordering some and I hope we don't have to have a chat like this:

Aww who am I kidding, he'll look amazing.

(Fingers crossed)

Anime series that aren't as good as you remember

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Photo on 13-04-17 at 7.45 PM

Namely, all of them.

This post is brought to you by my bad decision to watch Trigun because it's on Netflix.

We can't make good choices all of the time.

Where does the time go?

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Is it just me or is this week flying by?

Spent all of yesterday hanging at Vine Multimedia HQ and was unbelievably busy. I took the photos to create this gif in-between eating my salad and writing some blog content but didn't even have the time to post it.


After work I spent the evening at Kat's and she whipped up her take Bún Thịt Nướng and it was delicious. Having some midweek lady-hangs was really nice as well!


I've been on a crazy Rebecca and Fiona kick lately, especially since we've gotten our new car. This track is so good for zipping around to, I'm not ashamed to say Tyrone and I have definitely had car dance parties listening to it.

Today I'm attempting to get some studying done with basically no luck. It's impossible when you have a super-cute kitten looking for your attention. Cat lady problems!

Happy Humpday!

one of those days

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okay it wasn't that bad.

Tyrone is sick and I am, too. Spent most of the night tossing and turning on the couch half-listening to episodes of TNG and sniffling. I find being sick isn't that bad except for when you can't sleep, which only happens at night and only during nights when you have stuff to do the next day (of course).

needless to say today was a write off of sweaty bed-sleeping and matted hair and kitty cuddles.

Eventually I had to clean myself up and showered and went to the corner store to get stuff for dinner. I always feel like a rock star going into our grubby corner store because everyone else in the neighbourhood goes there in their yoga pants and fuggs and unwashed hair and I'm too vain/neurotic to leave the house unless I look decent.

What I'm leading up to here is that some cute random hipster guy hit on me while I was in the checkout line buying meat and veg and whatnot. He said something really uncool like "I'd let a pretty girl like you make me stew anytime".

Needless to say it made my day because nothing is better than feeling pretty when your head feels like exploding.

Also the stew I made was amazing. Protip: use 1/3 cup of balsamic vinegar and it will make yr beef stew ah-ma-zing.

k back to tea and the couch and DS9.

A glimpse into the future

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been busy learnin'

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we went on a Winnipeg General Strike Tour with my History of Winnipeg class which was fun and hilarious but required that we shuttle around the city and poor Hayley was driving and Eva was giving directions and I sat in the backseat on my phone being useless and probably annoying and we were late to all our destinations but one and I realized at the end of it that
shuttling around places in 30 degree weather in a black leather and shorts and tights stresses me out more than I thought it would
(also printing on campus is expensive)
but today in my other class we talked about Ptolemy and also Spirograph (or something like it)

and since I've been busy learning here's some learning for you, too
(because I wouldn't want you to miss out because ILU)


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