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I just want to hold onto moments like this one

- by Alyson Shane

sitting on the couch

cats snoozing on either side of me

gold sun streaming in through the tall, old window

filling the room with a warm glow.

I feel warm


deep breaths in and out

savouring this feeling of


a feeling that sometimes stays away for a long time

but tends to find me again during quiet weekday afternoons like this one.

Afternoons filled with piano, or jazz, or sometimes just silence

silence that used to be deafening

(as a kid I was afraid of silence when I was the only one upstairs in our house

and was afraid as an adult because of the unsettling thoughts that lurked there)

silence that these days offers space for reflection and calm.

I just want to hold onto moments like this one

stretching my fingers and toes and my neck and shoulders

smelling the incense and the fresh cool air from outside

trying to be as present in my own body as possible

because I know these moments are fleeting

moment of calm, moments of happiness

contended silence

quiet joy

so I'm writing about it here in some feeble attempt to capture it

this feeling

that isn't anxiety, or worry

or a million other dumb things I obsess and stress over day-to-day

and just


and write

and hang onto this.

Because it's such a nice change.

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Sunday night, feelin' fine

- by admin

I haven't felt this relaxed in weeks.

Not even that time I went for that massage a few weeks ago. I was all nervous and anxious and didn't enjoy it at all.

I think I walked out of there more stressed out than when I walked in.

Isn't what what massages are supposed to fix? Honestly.

Turns out what I need to unwind are these 10 steps:

1. Sleep my ass in
2. Make a healthy & tasty brunch
3. Hit the gym & run like a mofo
4. Do deadlifts & squats like a boss
5. Come home n clean the apartment
6. Run a bath
7. Sit in the bath and read TIME Magazine
8. Use up my Tiber River goodies from MBlog
9. Drink chamomile tea with honey
10. Hug my cats & Tyrone

Perfect. I feel ready to take on anything.

If I could just melt into the floor into a puddle of bliss, I would.

But I can't.

So I blog instead.



Mushy Thanksgiving post

- by admin

Woke up today with a crick in my neck because T. was sleeping on itphoto

with my arm wrapped around Tyrone

(mostly for warmth but also for love)

in my little apartment with the leaves turning red outside the window.

Ford was in the window but wouldn't come post for the picture so that's okay.

You know he was around

being difficult in his kitty way.

Yesterday we had brunch with Ty's family

at his sister's super cute new place

and I realized how much they've all come to mean to me

as we drove home down the highway and I looked out at all the

red and yellow fields and the big blue prairie sky.

(Also living in the prairies. I love it here)

Almost every day I'm reminded somehow of how lucky I am to have the friends that I do

(honestly, I really know the best people

who are hilarious, smart, creative, outrageous, and largely inappropriate)

but on Friday night we played Catan with two of the people I've known the longest

since I was


13, 14? Something like that.

Which reminded me of how much my friends mean to me

and how far some of us have come together.

Tonight I'll call up my Mum

tell 'er I love'r

talk to my dad who will undoubtedly tell me some crazy story

and keep me on the phone for way too long.

I love them despite their craziness

but it doesn't need to be Thanksgiving for that to be obvious.


And Tyrone

who I'm thankful for every god damn day

for more reasons than I can and should list here

like hugs, inside jokes, long drives, morning runs, his beard and moustache

always having fun even when doing the most boring, mundane stuff

but especially the eggs benedict that he just made for me.


happy Thanksgiving kids, be thankful for what ya got!

I sure as hell am.


Today is Komus' birthday

- by admin

I met Chris Komus once upon a time at a bar called Sonar which is now a gay bar I think.

It was a regular haunt for the people I now consider to be my dear friends and I was just getting to know everyone at the time, so it's all kind of a blur of beers, dancing, loud music and new people. Somewhere in there I met Komus, though we didn't really start hanging until I started dating Tyrone because they have the weirdest bromance ever.

However in the few short years I've known him I've managed to accumulate a ton of amazing memories such as:
- when we all went to Montreal for MUTEK
- running into a freezing lake in the middle of the night completely wasted
- way too many potlucks
- robot costumes
- gross Santa Suits
- educating the people of Connect about narwhals over the speaker system
- the pedobear costume
- and the epic Komus Party Halo:


Last year I had the privilege of driving out to Motion Notion in BC with him, Morley and Tyrone, and have so many ridiculous stories involving cars, ponchos, and air conditioning, plus getting lost in the mountains, Fatty Arbuckle's, wearing too many tshirts, awful lime beer, broken Styrofoam coolers, and a failed attempt to walk to the bathroom in the dark in the pouring rain where Komus proceeded to get lost and I had to run around with a sad, flickering flashlight, soaked to the bone, screaming


into the pitch black BC forest trying to find him.

Some of my best memories have been made while I've been in the company of this ridiculous man, and even though he's never on time and he and Tyrone totally get out of hand sometimes, I hope he never, ever changes.

HBD mang, thanks for being my summer bestie.

Meet Barbara

- by admin


The new lady in my life.

She's the replacement to my other bike, the love of my life, Vikki, who was the other half to Vance, Tyrone's bike. They matched and were his & hers and it was wonderful until I got hit by some woman in an SUV who pulled out of a back lane looking at traffic going the other way (she wanted to cross the street and turn) at the end of last summer.

It was horrible and I was heartbroken. I missed my bike.

Luckily yesterday I was able to snag my new girl for a paltry sum of $30 (!!!) which is cheap, cheap, cheap, kids.

I took her out for a nice, solid 16km ride this evening and I'm happy to report she rides like a dream.

It's going to be such a good summer, it's making me a bit emotional to think about.



- by admin

tried Modern Taco for the first time

drank beers on a Friday afternoon


listened to the Great Gatsby soundtrack on repeat

danced in spring rain

got my first cheque from Vine

worked out at least once every day

had a wine buzz

bought a badass mink coat for $50

landed a new job

and loved.

Every minute of err'y damn day.

Good things do happen.

Finally spring in #Winnipeg

- by admin


I don't think I've had so many "omg why do I live here?!" moments as I have over the past few weeks when our weather has been bouncing back and forth from almost-spring to nope still winter.

But I still love this town.

Tonight we're going to wash the car for the first time (!!!), make amazing home-made pizza with fig jam, arugula and goat cheese on it, and do some low-key hang outs with friends.

I'm unbelievably stoked about it, so here's my favourite springtime-related (kinda) song from one of my favourite musicals.

What are you up to on this fine Friday?


Up too late. Again.

- by admin

but who cares? I'm young and in love and I'm happy. I'm scoring A's on papers and writing midterms so hard I feel dizzy at the end of 'em. I have great friends, a boyfriend who treats me like gold, and a life jam-packed with awesome.

tomorrow I start teaching seniors to use The Internet. that's all I'll say about my job from here on out (I'm working with people, y'know how it is) but I'm excited and scared and I think it's going to be such a great learning experience that I can't wait to sit down with my first savvy student and begin sharing my knowledge.

Winnipeg Zombie Walk & Half Pints birthday party this weekend. oh my.

life is good :)


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