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Today is Tony Pierce's birthday

- by admin

Tony writes the best blog ever, the busblog, which I read religiously.

You'd think after being a blogger forever Tony would run out of interesting things to say, but no, his post just get better and more entertaining and I find myself coming back to the busblog for blogspiration whenever I'm stuck on what to write.

You'd also think doing stuff like being the community manager for the Oscars and Ubering all over LA would actually detract from the quality of the stuff he writes

but like the Blogfather he is it's just made him better.

He messages me nice things once in a while, which I love because it's nice to hear nice things from people far away and every time I get a notification it melts my icy Canadian heart a just little bit.

I have dreams of secretly heading to LA and hopping in his car while he's out Ubering and being like


and then drinking rum on a beach with him in the middle of February because you can do that in LA.

Maybe one day it will happen, we'll see.

Till then I'll just send him love from far up in the chilly Canadian Prairies:

Happy Birthday, Tony.

May your life always be full of
sick concerts
beautiful girls
delicious food
amazing nights
and the most kickass blog posts ever.


yr girl Shaner



Yesterday was Colin's birthday

- by admin

536250_10151895200806211_1804154214_nso, naturally, we went to one of the best watering holes in town, The Yellow Dog

(which I first went to with Colin, of course.)

I first met Colin years ago now, back before we were both students and were

(I'd like to think)

significantly less cynical than we are now.

But I could be mistaken there.

We met through Twitter and the first time we met face-to-face was at a Secret Handshake gathering and he told me that I would know him because he would be wearing

"a TMNT hat and shirt"

which turned out to be true -Colin owns a tshirt with a giant Ninja Turtle face on it as well as a hat with a giant Ninja Turtle face on it

and I was impressed not only that he owned two such pieces of clothing, but that he'd worn them out in public together


so I knew we'd be friends immediately.

Since then we've had many brunches, beers, and adventures together

and hopefully now that we've both graduated from our respective areas of study and have big-kid jobs

we'll have even more.

Happy (belated) birthday, Colin!

You'll always be my favourite baby-faced friend from the internet.


yr girl Shaner

Today is John's birthday

- by admin

1264852_10153247240630624_1554761198_oOriginally from Windsor, Ontario (which smells like gravy) John rocked out in a bunch of punk rock bands before moving to Winnipeg in order to make it 1000 times cooler.

One of those bands was called Sewing with Nancie which was a band that one of my ex-boyfriends happened to be obsessed over.

He was from another smaller Ontario town and had also moved to Winnipeg and was super into punk-rock and used to make me listen to Sewing with Nancie as we drove around in his Kia Spectra so naturally when I found out this weird connection my brain went like this:

But anyway.

I didn't meet John through my ex.

I met John how you meet all of the best people: while drunk and at a large social event with friends.

I was at the Winnipeg Wine Fest with Tyrone and my regular posse and he was there with my friend whom he was dating at the time.

Somehow between being outrageous and slamming back teeny glasses of wine we found ourselves skulking around port table together and (naturally) a friendship was born.

Since then we've had a plethora of ridiculous experiences which include but are not limited to:

romping in onesies
going on road trips
having inappropriate moustache parties
drinking beers in a giant blanket fort
eating KD on Pope's Hill watching the sun rise at Folk Fest
hanging porn up in other people's tents
curling in a bonspiel
skating and drinking SoCo
meeting a freaking astronaut


and a million other random, amazing things together.

It kinda goes without saying that he's one of my favourite people in the world, and I think I can safely speak for Tyrone and say that we both feel really lucky to count him as a friend.

So happy birthday, John.

May your synths always be poppy,
your leggings always be outrageous,
and your life always be full of good coffee, good beer & good times.


yr girl Shaner

Today is Komus' birthday

- by admin

I met Chris Komus once upon a time at a bar called Sonar which is now a gay bar I think.

It was a regular haunt for the people I now consider to be my dear friends and I was just getting to know everyone at the time, so it's all kind of a blur of beers, dancing, loud music and new people. Somewhere in there I met Komus, though we didn't really start hanging until I started dating Tyrone because they have the weirdest bromance ever.

However in the few short years I've known him I've managed to accumulate a ton of amazing memories such as:
- when we all went to Montreal for MUTEK
- running into a freezing lake in the middle of the night completely wasted
- way too many potlucks
- robot costumes
- gross Santa Suits
- educating the people of Connect about narwhals over the speaker system
- the pedobear costume
- and the epic Komus Party Halo:


Last year I had the privilege of driving out to Motion Notion in BC with him, Morley and Tyrone, and have so many ridiculous stories involving cars, ponchos, and air conditioning, plus getting lost in the mountains, Fatty Arbuckle's, wearing too many tshirts, awful lime beer, broken Styrofoam coolers, and a failed attempt to walk to the bathroom in the dark in the pouring rain where Komus proceeded to get lost and I had to run around with a sad, flickering flashlight, soaked to the bone, screaming


into the pitch black BC forest trying to find him.

Some of my best memories have been made while I've been in the company of this ridiculous man, and even though he's never on time and he and Tyrone totally get out of hand sometimes, I hope he never, ever changes.

HBD mang, thanks for being my summer bestie.

yesterday was Tyrone's birthday

- by admin

but I didn't blog it out of love

because then you'd be all "how old is Tyrone, Alyson?"

and I'd have to be all

"he's older than a Conker tree

he's older than the dead sea scrolls

he's older than Rod Stewart"

when he isn't, really.

because what actually matters is that he doesn't act his age

not all the time, anyway

otherwise he wouldn't date a silly girl like me

and eat Chinese food with me on the couch watching Sherlock

after staying up all night together

and letting me kiss him at midnight and say

"happy birthday you old bastard

I love you"

Photo essay about Cenquist's birthday.

- by admin

Last Friday a bunch of nerds took over a corner of The King's Head to have beers in celebration of @cenquist being another year older.

I hung with these fine tweeps, @adriantrimble, @kenquist and @rhondalmartens

Even Ty showed up for a bit!

and he brought Krash and Piasta and his cool hat with him.

He tried to teach Rhonda how to toss up a blood hand sign

but she couldn't quite figure it out

so she played with Adrian's face instead

and I learned that when the Brit begins to fall asleep at the bar it's time to go home (and have pizza).

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