Yesterday was Colin's birthday

536250_10151895200806211_1804154214_nso, naturally, we went to one of the best watering holes in town, The Yellow Dog

(which I first went to with Colin, of course.)

I first met Colin years ago now, back before we were both students and were

(I'd like to think)

significantly less cynical than we are now.

But I could be mistaken there.

We met through Twitter and the first time we met face-to-face was at a Secret Handshake gathering and he told me that I would know him because he would be wearing

"a TMNT hat and shirt"

which turned out to be true -Colin owns a tshirt with a giant Ninja Turtle face on it as well as a hat with a giant Ninja Turtle face on it

and I was impressed not only that he owned two such pieces of clothing, but that he'd worn them out in public together


so I knew we'd be friends immediately.

Since then we've had many brunches, beers, and adventures together

and hopefully now that we've both graduated from our respective areas of study and have big-kid jobs

we'll have even more.

Happy (belated) birthday, Colin!

You'll always be my favourite baby-faced friend from the internet.


yr girl Shaner