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Playing hooky on a school night

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okay not really because my classes are finished for this term and I have a day off tomorrow, but still

was feeling antsy after spending so much time hunched over my desk writing papers yesterday that we hit up the now-infamous Pop Soda's for some of the good stuff

namely this:

and this:

the best part of the night was getting to hear Smoky Tiger aka The Manitobanditz, who honestly I'd never heard before. I love weird quirky music (#Winnipeg is great for this) and managed to Keek some of their cover of Nirvana's "Come As You Are"


we didn't stay to hear all of Jicah's set afterwards, but if you aren't already listening to them I highly recommend their stuff. Solid prairie music.

now we're home and I'm drinking hot chocolate that Tyrone made from scratch and we're listening to this:

nightnight! xo

today was crazy

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I spent all day helping host a luncheon at my work for nearly 100 people and it was hectic and crazy and I spent my entire day running back and forth and up and down floors and buzzing like a bee all around the giant dining room and now my calves and feet hurt and I am celebrating it with red wine. we're making chicken parm and it's snowing outside and somehow it feels whimsical in here. maybe it's the wine.

last night was the first Barley's Angels meeting at HalfPints. what is that you ask? women who love beer getting together and socializing about and over beers. hosted by the lovely Nicole aka Sweet Nikki of HalfPints.



Stir Stick Stout floats

apparently kat and john are coming over to play cards (which is worrisome considering the wine I've has and since I don't know how to play any card games besides go fish) should be fun.

ciao! xo

Up too late. Again.

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but who cares? I'm young and in love and I'm happy. I'm scoring A's on papers and writing midterms so hard I feel dizzy at the end of 'em. I have great friends, a boyfriend who treats me like gold, and a life jam-packed with awesome.

tomorrow I start teaching seniors to use The Internet. that's all I'll say about my job from here on out (I'm working with people, y'know how it is) but I'm excited and scared and I think it's going to be such a great learning experience that I can't wait to sit down with my first savvy student and begin sharing my knowledge.

Winnipeg Zombie Walk & Half Pints birthday party this weekend. oh my.

life is good :)


Still on the mend...

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but getting better every day, and thank goodness because we've been so busy the past few days I don't even know where the time has gone!

This past weekend between a housewarming party and delicious Chinese food from Vi-Ann (it's in The Village, go if you have the chance!) Ty and I headed to Lo Pub to check out the very last Data Dance, hosted by our friend mrghosty. It was fantastic! Retro video game consoles lining the sides of the pub with lots of games to choose from

(I got my ass handed to me at Street Fighter, but came in 2nd on GameCube Mario Kart!)

and sweet chiptune music.Dr. Whomp 8bit Rickrolled the bar! I don't know if everyone caught on to the meme, but Ty and I died laughing. So awesome!

Additionally we've been working on our costumes for the Robot March which is this Saturday! (May 28th)I talked Ty into indulging in some seasonal Phil's Pils beer from our favourite local brewery Half Pints Brewing Co. (since we can't get our hands on the Queer Beer they've been making for Gay Pride -everywhere's sold out!)No worries though, I consoled myself with some vanilla ice cream drizzled with this great dessert wine we got at the Wine Festival a few weeks ago -Sweet Sunset - Red Chocolate. It's got a really strong flavour and definitely needs to be served chilled, or over ice cream like we had it. Have you tried it?

Oh, and I almost forgot!

We are now the proud owners of some vintage 1970's his & hers roadster bikes! Okay, they aren't fixies like I would have preferred (I buy into that stereotype for the lulz) but they've got sweet 5-speed shifters, which I've never actually seen before! Obviously they need a little fixing up, but we scored both of them for 60$ (thanks kijiji!) and after putting air in the tires and some grease on the chains we were able to ride them home (which is good because the guy we bought them from lived basically on the outskirts of the South end of the city -whew!)

Essentially I'm having fantasies about cute dresses, wicker baskets and biking to the park (or anywhere!) on a sunny day. This video is basically like bike pr0n to me right now:

I hope this is you today!

(the smiling part, not the pancake part)

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