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There's this great Ethiopian place downtown

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photo (1)where I went for dinner last night called Kokeb which is currently located next to the Hydro Building but used to be across from the LC on Ellice when I first went there when I was 18.

I hated it then but I love it now which just goes to show what a close-minded young person I was.

It was wonderful except for the fact that the tvs on the wall were on super loud and there was this obnoxious short woman talking to some NBA player about what people were wearing to some sort of award ceremony and What Celebrities Are Wearing is right up there on my List Of Things I Don't Care About which looks roughly like this:

1. What Kind of Smartphone You Have
2. Michael Bay Movies
3. What Celebrities Are Wearing
4. Drake
5. What Your Baby Did Today
6. What's Inside A Hot Dog
8. Anything Ann Coulter Says
9. Bronies
10. Small Dogs

besides that though it was great and I stuffed myself full of meat and veg and pickled beets and drank a beer, also.

Instead of going home which would have been lame we walked through several parks and drank iced coffees and played in fountains until it got dark.

Which is a pretty stellar way to end a Wednesday evening in the summertime.



Another weekend in the bag

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dinner's almost ready and we're having a bunch of healthy stuff to try and balance all the shite we ate/drank earlier and the gym we skipped on Saturday


which happened because at the time we usually go to the gyme we were actually waking up in 'MERICUH.

Which if you had asked me more than 24hrs earlier I would have no expected, at all. But that's one of the great things about life is we don't always know what we're in for and sometimes it's bad but mostly it's awesome. At least for me, anyway.

Who would have known that upon completing my interview with fabulous local band Les Jupes and heading out to Garbonzo's for a beer tasting with some of my finest male friends that we would be planning a trip to Grand Forks to drink beer.

Yes, that's really the entire reason that we went.

We weren't even in the good 'ol US of A for 24hrs but managed to have a ridiculously good time nevertheless -we closed down JL Beers and were right back at 'er the next morning before departing back to my lovely country of origin.

I was impressed at the waitress who made fun of Adrian's accent with us, the selection of beer at Happy Harry's, the cheapness of the burgers at JL Beers, and the amount of fun that we managed to collectively jam into less than a day.

Thanks boys, I'm glad we're friends.

cc: the amazing @cenquist, @kenquist, @adriantrimble and of course the always-charming @tyronedeise. Love you all.

oh man am I tired

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had a bunch of running around to do after work today so I dragged Tyrone out on bikes around with me and we clocked in a mean 50km which is like like 30 miles you americans who don't know kms.

I've been biking around like a mofo all summer which is awesome because I'm getting in really good shape without having to drag my sorry ass to the actual gym to exercise which is good. problem is classes start next week which means I'm gonna have to modify my schedule to include the gym again. dang.

treadmill, I'm coming for you.

anyway now we're sitting at home and I'm listening to 90's music on internet radio and Tyrone was all

"remember in the mornings when you used to play music from the CBC? that was cute"

which is funny because I don't remember him saying anything of the sort and in fact I stopped playing the radio in the morning because he'd constantly harass me about what was on the radio and while I was eating my breakfast he'd be all

what's this crap

and while I was doing my hair he'd be all

there's crap on the radio. why are you listening to it?

and as I was going out the door he'd be all

did you turn off the radio with the crappy music

and I'd be all


though he bought new glasses that have blue-tinted lenses so that just goes to show what Tyrone knows about having good opinions about stuff.


had to go outside tonight

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the weather called to me

it said

"it's above zero in January, if you stay inside you're an idiot"

so we set out in search of a good cup of coffee

and played around on a bridge shaped like a penis

in the middle of the city.

over a river not even half-frozen

we watched the ice slide by beneath us

and pretended like we'd never been scared of falling in.

working on a big post but it's not ready yet

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I don't know how to end it.

so instead you get to read about how we went and hung out in the North End today which was nice because it was 32 degrees, sunny, slightly windy and I wasn't hungover from the at-home wine party Tyrone and I threw ourselves last night because it's been a rough week and it was friday so why not?

we shot a bunch of vid of the neighbourhood around Mountain and McGregor which is where my Grandma's old house is. she lived there from the time she was two to when she was 77 can you believe that? if you aren't from Winnipeg let me tell you that parts of the North End ain't what they used to be, and even though someone was shot in a gang fight two nights after my Grandma moved out I didn't get scarytime vibes walking around today. at least in the St John's (park, school, street, etc) part of the North End it seemed really nice and I felt 100% safe.

and yes I know I shouldn't write off an entire neighbourhood based on the fact that it's got a bad reputation and I'm not trying to. in a roundabout way I'm trying to say that not every part of the North End of Winnipeg is somewhere to avoid. everywhere's got bad neighbourhoods and if you go a few streets over in my neighbourhood (West Broadway) there's some sketchy ish that goes down.

like last night when we saw a dude get arrested!

Tyrone was out having a smoke outside and he ran upstairs and was all "omg they're arresting someone RIGHT NOW!" so we peeped over the sills of our front window and sure enough two cop cars were arresting some dude who, according to Tyrone who saw it happen (someone else was already calling the cops) was all wasted and trashing the porch of the house across the street. so of course we rubbernecked hard and watched it go down and I've never seen anyone get arrested before and it was weirdly interesting? I'm not sure why, maybe it was the wine.

so today while we were walking around shooting video these kids (seriously, like ten years old or younger) were walking past us and one kid as like "hey you wanna buy some kush?" and later at Machray Park we saw him working out a deal with some chick who was maybe twelve. it was ridiculous she was standing by the fence on the corner and he was on the swings yelling his prices to her. ridiculous!

anyway it's time for perogies and some Alfred Hitchcock Presents before we go out to ManyFest in a bit.

so busy.

Still on the mend...

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but getting better every day, and thank goodness because we've been so busy the past few days I don't even know where the time has gone!

This past weekend between a housewarming party and delicious Chinese food from Vi-Ann (it's in The Village, go if you have the chance!) Ty and I headed to Lo Pub to check out the very last Data Dance, hosted by our friend mrghosty. It was fantastic! Retro video game consoles lining the sides of the pub with lots of games to choose from

(I got my ass handed to me at Street Fighter, but came in 2nd on GameCube Mario Kart!)

and sweet chiptune music.Dr. Whomp 8bit Rickrolled the bar! I don't know if everyone caught on to the meme, but Ty and I died laughing. So awesome!

Additionally we've been working on our costumes for the Robot March which is this Saturday! (May 28th)I talked Ty into indulging in some seasonal Phil's Pils beer from our favourite local brewery Half Pints Brewing Co. (since we can't get our hands on the Queer Beer they've been making for Gay Pride -everywhere's sold out!)No worries though, I consoled myself with some vanilla ice cream drizzled with this great dessert wine we got at the Wine Festival a few weeks ago -Sweet Sunset - Red Chocolate. It's got a really strong flavour and definitely needs to be served chilled, or over ice cream like we had it. Have you tried it?

Oh, and I almost forgot!

We are now the proud owners of some vintage 1970's his & hers roadster bikes! Okay, they aren't fixies like I would have preferred (I buy into that stereotype for the lulz) but they've got sweet 5-speed shifters, which I've never actually seen before! Obviously they need a little fixing up, but we scored both of them for 60$ (thanks kijiji!) and after putting air in the tires and some grease on the chains we were able to ride them home (which is good because the guy we bought them from lived basically on the outskirts of the South end of the city -whew!)

Essentially I'm having fantasies about cute dresses, wicker baskets and biking to the park (or anywhere!) on a sunny day. This video is basically like bike pr0n to me right now:

I hope this is you today!

(the smiling part, not the pancake part)

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