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Weeknight wings

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Post-gym we met up with @adriantrimble to catch up on stories and giggle like schoolgirls.

The last frame is empty because our server was so efficient that she cleared away my empty bowl before I could take a photo.

I was impressed/annoyed.


Cheap okay-ish beer. Suitable for a Thursday, though.


Fortunately Adrian is much taller than me and blocked a lot of the wind as we walked home in a snowstorm.


Still had time for a selfie, though.


Sometimes you just gotta do it right

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and by that I mean bike yr ass to almost the suburbs to try Blondie's, which is this infamous burger joint in Winnipeg. It's also been featured on You Gotta Eat Here which is how some non-prairie peeps know about it.

I'd never been there myself but I'd always heard stories about the crazy lady who runs it. It's just her in the kitchen by herself and apparently she'll scream at you and kick you out if yr a dick or you pisser off which both terrified and intrigued the shit outta me.

Luckily she has her rules posted all around the joint so you know what not to do.
photo (8)

The most famous(est) part of going to Blondie's besides the lady who runs it is the sheer massive size of the burgers they offer. I stayed safe with the 1/8 pound burger and even that was almost too much with a poutine.

photo (9)

I wish I could go back and eat this right now.

photo (11)

photo (12)

They also offer huge milkshakes which were a little too rich for my blood.

Yes that's also a pun about ice cream.

photo (10)

When we got there it was super packed so we had to wait a while, and as we were leaving the owner apologized to us for making us wait which kinda disappointed me since I was hoping she'd tell us to fuck off or something.

I briefly considered saying something rude back to see what would happen but then I saw her kneading this massive pile of hamburger patty in the air I decided I'd better not.

That lady could have totally kicked my ass.


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We came, we saw, we ate bacon

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baconfest winnipeg is in its second year but this was my first time going and it was worth it to eat stuff like what's pictured above, which is bannock (I think)

@cenquist was there with his sad/scary movember 'stache taking notes about everything we ate which I forgot to do because I was too busy eating, duh.

there were bacon cookies and bacon cakes and bacon hot dogs with bacon sprinkles and bacon cinnamon buns and bacon pitas and bacon ravioli with lobster and bacon ice cream and omg

Tyrone was looking extra-sharp in his fab new bowtie and stunning 'stache

there were my little ponies

whose bacony insides we devoured with bread and pickles and peppers, oh my

and which @kenquist used to stir his bacon-espresso-coffee creation which tasted good but got weird towards the end

and pose-offs in-between beers and bacon-infused drinks, of course

before rolling our poly selves home to lie around in a bacon-infused stupor for a few hours, as evidenced by Tyrone's lazy eye.

big thanks to @elishadacey for the ticket hook-up!

yesterday wasn't nicole's birthday

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even though for some reason I thought it was now I'm even more charmed that she had us fools and a few cool people over to her place last night to drink beer and make and eat perogies together

before that started though yr hero managed to send cracker flying after I tried to spread cheese on a cracker that clearly wasn't meant for spreading. whoops. I also dropped bruschetta all over myself but I wasn't the only one.

eventually everyone started making perogies but I didn't because I learned my lesson from the cracker incident earlier and just hung back and chatted with some ladies including the lovely vanessa instead.

later on in the eve I had a lager that didn't agree with my tummy (it might have also been the copious amounts of food we ate. maybe). and got the tireds, so we left.

and snuggled together all the way home.

big thanks to our lovely friend for having us <3

it's 1am (ish) and I'm home alone and it's weird

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tonight Tyrone is doing some VJ stuff at a Bassface show and between Halloween last weekend and my birthday/Amber & Connor's wedding next weekend I decided to "take it easy" which meant not going to the Bassface show but hanging out with Colin, Rhonda, Kevin and a few of Colin's friends and making terrible jokes all night and eating potato chips and drinking beer all evening. I was half-cut by 9:30 and I don't even know when the last time that happened, maybe when I was in my teens?

Basically the reason I didn't go to Bassface (even though Stickybuds is awesome) is because it's at the bar which (I think) used to be Dylan's on Pembina and then became an AWFUL strip club and from what I understand is now another bar where this event is being held. bottom line is that since it's not somewhere I can easily escape and go home from if I get bored/tired/hungry/lazy/etc it's nowhere I want to be going. that sounds horrible but if you ever looked at the bus route from my place to where this party is and saw the hassle it is to get there/back you'd understand.

so as a result I hung out as Colin's all night and made fun of his friend Kelvin who I referred to as Sweatpants who had awesome taste in tv and we had some sort of football (US college? no idea) on in the background and we made fun of it occasionally.

last night Tyrone took me to Segovia for dinner and here is what we had:
oysters and a glass of white wine each
the charcuterie board
seared scallops, seared leeks and mushrooms
horse with quail eggs and salmon roe
rabbit with manchengo polenta & maple serano ham
a slice of pecan pie with ice cream
a bottle of red wine
two americanos

the entire experience was amazing and I was still in a food coma until early today. we only go to Segovia (maybe) once a year and so we clearly go all out. I still can't believe I ate horse. I thought of Epona the whole time (n3rd)

it's weird how you don't notice how used to someone you are until they're not around. I keep expecting Tyrone to come in and harass me while I'm writing this and he isn't and while that's not bad per-se it's different and I miss it.

Tyrone if you read this when you get home there's leftover pizza in the oven and leftover beer/pop in the fridge. See you tomorrow morning <3

Some ways I can make today better:

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Listening to my favourite Chilly Gonzales track.

watching more Boardwalk Empire

eating ice cream (but not this much or I'll get sick)

getting hugs from this fine gentleman:

and crying.

I said goodbye today
to someone who means the world to me
my heart is breaking
and all I can do
is tell you that I love you
and be glad that we still have each other

Welcome to my office

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it's gloomy outside but I'm all sunshine in here. got a coffee with my boss first thing this morning and worked on some hand-outs listening to This American Life all morning. love that show, Ira Glass is one of my heroes.

had a session today where I helped the sweetest lady look up the tiny town in Italy that she grew up in. she hadn't been back to visit in over 45 years and started to cry when we found her elementary school because she was so happy to see it. it's reasons like that why I love The Internet.

last night Tyrone and I had a home-made pizza party.

we got most of the ingredients from this fantastic locally-owned Italian store called La Grotta del Fromaggio on Sargent Ave and witnessed the sassy Italian cashier (possible owner?) argue with three of the other older men working there because the computer connected to the register wasn't working. we wound up being there ten extra minutes because they were sassing each other, but it was so worth it. I love locally-owned businesses specifically for that reason, you see the authentic side of people and it's such a better experience as a result.

plus I got a massive hunk of prosciutto for only 9$ :)

busy day today. have another training session in ten minutes and a jam-packed afternoon followed by class this eve. this is my jam today:

love this video, love Dan Mangan, love you. xo

don't say I've never done anything nice for you

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because after sharing that piece of grilled cheese video wisdom you can't ever be mad at me again.


facebook is driving me insane

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while I may know 361 people I am certainly not friends with 361 people and have decided to do the requisite FaceBook Purge today and it's like the instant you start trying to unfriend people the site goes I SEE WHAT YOU'RE DOING THERE and begins to screw up and lag and basically not work unless you go back to your feed and do regular stuff like comment on your friends stupid pictures of cats, or whatever

I've said this before, but I'm kind of sick of FaceBook

yes I know the benefits of being on the biggest social network (that's why I'm still on it) but I find myself frustrated and annoyed with it more often than not and I don't understand why people continue to use it if it is as bad as we all perceive it to be? all my friends bitch all the time about how 'FaceBook sucks', but nobody I know has made a serious move to another platform.

I feel bad for not using G+ as much but only like three other people I know use it so it's just me and Shabooty most of the time.

I found a recipe for these online and now all I can think about is skipping Sociology and making these (I won't). Also I have been trying really hard to eat less bacon but it's hard around my social circle because we were all obsessed with bacon long before it became cool.

Will says he is going to make them when we come over and watch a Jets game sometime and now the interest I have in seeing a Jets game has gone up by 40% which is 40% more than I cared before.

though I'm sure you'd love to keep hearing me talk about food and hockey and stupid FaceBook I have to put on pants and go to class. lucky you guys.

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