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Saw Abstract Artform at Le Garage last night

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Which was amazing. Duh.

I had g&ts and a whiskey sour and some beers and sat at a high table with Colin, Nicole, John, Tyrone and Kat (who doesn't do the twitters) and had the pleasure of seeing Kendra and John who I haven't seen in ages.

When I got there I was going to the bathroom and this chick wearing a tank top that said
or something like that was coming out and wiping her face all weird and she was definitely fucked up and it was cray.

I kept my eye on her all night and several times she came out of the bathroom and was wiping her mouth and nose area with both hands like she had just puked or done a boatload of drugs or something.

She was still there when we left n she was getting progressively more wasted the whole time.

I hope she's ok.

Also later while I was in the bathroom this happened:


Anyway Tiffany Ponce was a great opening act (also, nice meeting you in person, finally!) and Abstract Artform killed it.

That guy is so talented it's stupid.

If you weren't there you kinda missed out. Sorry to say.

Two things from yesterday

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This vid of my favourite Imaginary Cities song which they played with the WSO at the Scotiabank stage at the Forks last night for Canada Day which gave me shivers because it was so good:

and this photo of me in my lovely blue dress courtesy of Connor:


I'm too doped on Benylin to blog anymore so the rest will have to wait.


Whacking balls around

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Sometimes the best fun you can have with yr friends is good, clean fun.

Hitting up the driving range, drinking weekday beers and tearin' it up at mini golf.


which turns out to be a lot harder than it looks.


We posed on fake, crooked bridges.


Saw some questionable-looking buildings.

(and didn't steal any of the Hot Wheels in the street unlike those who came before us)


Made some new friends

including Drunk Pig, Condescending Horse


and our best friend, the Ketamine Cowboy

who says "no more, I'm done".

yesterday was tough

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in fact, despite one really good thing it was probably the worst day I've had in years or since I can remember at least.

no I don't want to talk about it.

maybe in the throes of things I would have been ready to pour my heart out here but the internet isn't cool with that kind of stuff anymore, and nobody wants to hear about how sad I am unless it's a major catastrophe or a loss of some kind

(which yesterday was and then wasn't)
(which I realize makes no sense)
(but neither did yesterday, so there).

the nice thing is that after a good sleep everything feels a bit brighter.

more manageable.

today was better.

had an amazing americano from parlour coffee.
took some sassy senior ladies to the casino with my work and one of them bought me a grilled cheese.
played bingo and was an I 60 away from winning $47,500+ dollars which nobody wound up winning.
(but it was nice & exciting to hope)
found a message on the way home that made me smile.

it's good to feel happy today.

images from a méstival

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had an interesting conversation

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while fixing the printer today.

part of my job is performing some basic IT services even though I'm not terribly good at it. I mean yes I can do entry-level, first year of college type maintenance but anything that requires more than the knowledge I acquired while constantly de-virusing my parents computer I make my boss call a technician whose job it actually is to do that sort of stuff.

anyway today apparently there was a problem with the printer. except there wasn't.

but that's not the point in this story.

the point is the person trying to do the printing, I think, is a bit on the crazy side. I've come to this conclusion because she had me check and double-check the stuff she was printing and it was these letters to someone at the CBC about how the Commies are coming into her house at night and stealing her thoughts. her ideas.

she said that they were coming in and putting straws to her ears and sucking them out and she knew because she could hear them talking in her dreams. their voices were magnified into the straw and into her ear, she said.

I didn't ask any questions. just handed her the letters and went back to my regular job. I was actually kinda convincing myself that maybe she was writing some sort of fiction novel, or something like that. it was just so weird.

except just now she came down and wanted to use the photocopier and took out a book with the word 'TRANSFORMATION' on the cover and started making photocopies of the front and back cover. like, six or seven copies each.

since non-office personnel have to pay for photocopies 'round here I casually asked her what she was photocopying and she looked at me over her shoulder and said

I need to mail these to some people

in a voice that I swear would give alfred hitchcock goosebumps.

I think I was wrong about the fiction book-writing. I think she thinks it's for real.

I wonder what that book is about. and who is she sending all those copies to?

and, mostly, I'm kinda sad. because her made-up life is probably way more interesting than mine.

pickin' up the pieces

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almost the weekend. dance. have some wine. enjoy the shit out of it.



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I'm trying.


The Zombie Gait destroyed my hips

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but it was all worth it!

Winnipeg Zombies were out in fine form last night, even Triangle Head from Silent Hill made an appearance as we all rallied at The Forks screaming for brainsssssssssssss

but we settled for Lil Pizza Heaven (twice! I know! and now I'm craving their garlic-buttered pizza crusts again... omnom!)

Zombie Afterparty at Pure. we tried to go to The Zoo but were deterred by the double-kick black metal playing (I'm not a metalhead, can you tell? hehe) and rallied there.

saw so many undead familiar faces out last night, it was so good hanging with everyone before I finally dragged my exhausted, undead self home. Tyrone had a shower with me to un-zombiefy and though that's not usually the sort of stuff I talk about on this here blog it was just too cute and fun, peeling the fake skin off each other and laughing, to not mention. it was the highlight of my night :)

it's already afternoon but it feels like morning to us. slept in like crazy and am currently lazing around in our pajamas. eventually I plan on dragging Tyrone out for some pho for lunch, I think (shh he doesn't know yet)

Half Pints 5th anniversary party at Lo Pub tonight! Can't wait!

Happy Caturday! xo

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