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Some Friday advice for you

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it's true.

Fantastic Friday. Spent all morning teaching which is so fun and rewarding and surprisingly hard! I can't wait to do it more. had a mega-healthy spinach salad I brought from home & watched clips of my crush Stephen Colbert over lunch. it's chilly and sunny and just like I like my Octobers to be.

I'm jetting out of here shortly to get prepped for the Zombie Walk tonight, are you going? It's going to be an insane time, we're going to party like we're in North Korea.



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Bring on the weekend

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went out to Sukothai with Komus and Shawna last night. Komus has been booked to play a bunch of shows in Australia and is gone for three weeks and we're all green with envy. I didn't finish my pad thai (though it was great, there was just a lot of it) and Tyrone had the 10 spicy and got sweat in his facial hair (gross) and afterward we came back here and made way too many snacks and drank a bunch of home-made wine.

Today is going to consist of not showering till later, playing Twilight Princess and going to this tonight:


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