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Happy Friday

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Chillin' here at Vine HQ gettin' stuff did.

Enjoying the shit out of life right now (hope you are too).

So do a little dance cause the weekend's almost here (yay).

Have a drink (or two).

Hang out with someone you love (this means you, Tyrone!)

And enjoy the following video:

Because David Byrne's moves are incomparable.

happy friday

- by admin

have some wine
have a greasy grilled cheese
and relax
(it's what I'm doing & I promise you it works)

it's the weekend, mofos.
enjoy it.


It's Friday!

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Movember wrap-up party imminent. See you lovers tomorrow.


Some Friday advice for you

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it's true.

Fantastic Friday. Spent all morning teaching which is so fun and rewarding and surprisingly hard! I can't wait to do it more. had a mega-healthy spinach salad I brought from home & watched clips of my crush Stephen Colbert over lunch. it's chilly and sunny and just like I like my Octobers to be.

I'm jetting out of here shortly to get prepped for the Zombie Walk tonight, are you going? It's going to be an insane time, we're going to party like we're in North Korea.


leaving right away

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we're going to hang with Cenquist and Kenquist and Rhondal and drink wine and eat fancy snacks. I spent like an hour at least after work making this ridiculous spinach and artichoke dip and you would die if you saw how much butter I used wilting the spinach. self-restraint is on high alert this eve.

though I won't have to worry because I'm totally gutrot over this awesome latte that Rhondal bought for me this morning. I drank it and it was delicious
and now I'm paying for it. damn.

I don't have time to blog more so enjoy the video above of The Protomen covering Total Eclipse of The Heart which is just, wow, amazing. Poor handiwork on my part but my hands were shaking from taking a bunch of video all night and also I was leaning over the stage to get that shot because there was much pist-pumping and arm-waving which I may or may not have been taking part in (def was)

happy Friday. it's a long weekend!

party on, Wayne.

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