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How has a week gone by?

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karateRecently the days slip by like sand through my fingers and I realize that I haven’t even blogged
scratched out notes
written a letter
in nearly a week and that it feels like a part of me is missing.

Last week I spoke at Red River to first-year Creative Communication students with my internet buddy Liz Hover and one student asked

Do you make money directly off your blog? If not, why do you do it?

And I wasn’t sure if my response was the one he was looking for but after Liz replied I sat there and I paused and I said

Because I’m a writer. I have to write.

Which is true. Just typing out these words feels so cathartic and I feel a part of my stress over moving and work and everything slipping away.

It’s like getting lost in the words except I’m not, you know? Maybe you don’t.

Maybe I’m crazy, but aren’t we all, just a little?face

Anyway as I was saying I had the good fortune to be invited back to Red River where I got to talk to students about social media and blogging and a bunch of them stayed after to ask questions because

wouldn’t you know it?

we ran out of time.

I’ve been speaking to Creative Communications students for a few years running now and I’m consistently impressed with the quality and thoughtfulness of their questions.

Blog, I told them. Blog till yr sick of blogging and then blog some more.

Which is really great advice that I should really follow sometime.


Tony Pierce asked

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how hard is it to type type type your feelings?

must be sorta hard because only a handful of ppl even do it any more.

which is true. Both that almost nobody blogs their feels anymore and also that it's hard to type type type your feelings sometimes.

Because even when yr on cloud nine sometimes it's hard to share

and sit down and say

"my life is pretty fucking spectacular. I'm dating an amazing man, getting to spend time with funny and genuine people, and I feel confident in where my life is going"

even when that's true.

Because it's easy to think

that nobody cares

that people only want to read when you're sad

or when you've gone someplace amazing

or when you've had this cray adventure

which are all interesting, of course

but that's just not true.

Because I care.

I always care.

So pour yr fucking heart out for me

I dare you.


Grammatically incorrect graffiti

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Kids these days.

Mum called and said

- by admin

"be at yr house right away, we're by the art gallery"

and I said


(but I still love her)


Slept on the couch this afternoon

- by admin

not because I was tired
but because I was angry
at nothing.

Everything was annoying.

Everything sucked.

Even though
everything is
utterly amazing
right now.

(Waah waah waah)

It's stupid how
even when we should be
we make ourselves so

For no reason.

Luckily all yr girl needed
was a nap
some weird dreams
cat holds

To not rage at the world anymore.

This conversation literally just happened

- by admin

Me: Are you reading about cars?

Tyrone: Someone on Facebook posted an article how the 300-mile per gallon VW hybrid is apparently "not allowed in America because it's too efficient" and some quick research shows that that's completely not true.

Me: Who posted that?

Tyrone: Somebody. I don't even know them. It doesn't matter. They're WRONG.


This blog is brought to you in part by:

- by admin

- National Public Radio
- Every Gary Oldman movie
- The way the sun looks on the mountains in BC
- The Protomen Act II: The Father of Death album
- 12-packs of Half Pints
- iTunes playlists
- The feeling of leaving on a road trip
- Striped, matching onesies
- Reddit
- The way the rain sounds in West Broadway
-Your love.

Just hit a personal low

- by admin

I polished off the rest of a container of yoghurt directly from the container while standing in front of the macbook in my underwear looking at Pinterest and listening to the Backstreet Boys.

Don't be too jealous of my fabulous lifestyle, now.

Thomas the Dank Engine

- by admin

Is exactly what it sounds like.

It's weird the places on the internet I can get to when there's a crazy blizzard happening outside and I'm slowly going stir-crazy waiting for winter to end.

Also here's a helicopter with arms:


Things that I rocked today:

- by admin

- Baking midnight cupcakes
(because why the f not)

- Grooving out in my living room to Robyn

- An interview at a really exciting prospective job
(people like when you give a double thumbs-up, right?)

- Taking care of Tyrone after his dental surgery

- Twitter
(as per usual)

- My CodeAcademy lessons

- Home-made chicken noodle soup

- Totally not falling in a single puddle at all

- This blog post


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