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Just hit a personal low

- by admin

I polished off the rest of a container of yoghurt directly from the container while standing in front of the macbook in my underwear looking at Pinterest and listening to the Backstreet Boys.

Don't be too jealous of my fabulous lifestyle, now.

Facebook in the 90's

- by admin

Nothing ever really changes.

someone is probably losing their job right now

- by admin

no, not me.

the person who is in charge of the burger king twitter account, which has been hacked for over an hour now.

generally I don't point fingers and say "this is how you do something" but if yr job is to manage a social media account, you shouldn't be taking time off.

the internet never sleeps and even though you have to, maybe checking the account yr being paid (probably a lot of money) to manage is a good idea.

even (especially!) on holidays.

in fact, anyone paying a shred of attention to the internet right now would know it's happening.

like yours truly, for example.

bk, gimme a call.

[UPDATE: okay, the account has been suspended. I guess the entire internet was enough to alert them to the problem]


in case you were wondering, I actually voted for this guy

- by admin

and it was a vote well spent.

I Miss Drugs

- by admin

From I MISS DRUGS on Vimeo.



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