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in case you were wondering, I actually voted for this guy

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and it was a vote well spent.

The Zombie Gait destroyed my hips

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but it was all worth it!

Winnipeg Zombies were out in fine form last night, even Triangle Head from Silent Hill made an appearance as we all rallied at The Forks screaming for brainsssssssssssss

but we settled for Lil Pizza Heaven (twice! I know! and now I'm craving their garlic-buttered pizza crusts again... omnom!)

Zombie Afterparty at Pure. we tried to go to The Zoo but were deterred by the double-kick black metal playing (I'm not a metalhead, can you tell? hehe) and rallied there.

saw so many undead familiar faces out last night, it was so good hanging with everyone before I finally dragged my exhausted, undead self home. Tyrone had a shower with me to un-zombiefy and though that's not usually the sort of stuff I talk about on this here blog it was just too cute and fun, peeling the fake skin off each other and laughing, to not mention. it was the highlight of my night :)

it's already afternoon but it feels like morning to us. slept in like crazy and am currently lazing around in our pajamas. eventually I plan on dragging Tyrone out for some pho for lunch, I think (shh he doesn't know yet)

Half Pints 5th anniversary party at Lo Pub tonight! Can't wait!

Happy Caturday! xo

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