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I Miss Drugs

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I want to be in a Soap Box Derby

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like the one we saw at ManyFest yesterday.

if I were competing in a soap box derby we'd have a theme which would be "Yellow Submarine" and we'd decorate our soap box to look like the Yellow Submarine and we'd all dress up as the psychedelic Beatles and push it since we're in #Winnipeg and there are no hills to compete on down Broadway and I would be dressed up as Ringo of course

I'd do a horrible shop of my face over his but I have mega schoolreads to do tonight and to be honest I just don't have the time so you're spared me mutilating this lovely piece of Beatles art

and speaking of The Beatles and speaking of Yellow Submarine and speaking of doing acid (because they're all related, right?) Tyrone picks me up from my evening classes and tonight as we were walking home this extremely cheerful dude asked 'the preppy guy' (Tyrone) for a lighter and as he was getting around to lighting his smoke he offered to sell us some 'really wicked' acid because he was 'flying high wish us guys' and though we didn't take any it was nice of him because who sells 'really good acid' to complete strangers?

that guy, I guess. it was weird.

almost as weird as seeing a giant box of Chinese take-out coming up the street


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