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Cyclist of the Day

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Dutch PM Mark Rutte, who apparently showed up for his meeting with President Obama on a bike and is my personal hero.

From Google Translate: Four armored limousines for President Obama. Mark Rutte addresses are rather typical Dutch steel horse

This is the best poster for an event in Winnipeg right now

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This poster was made by local hilarious badass Tim Co-Op and I jacked it from his Facebook Instagram feed because it's fucking badass and hilarious and I needed to share it with the world.

yesterday was tough

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in fact, despite one really good thing it was probably the worst day I've had in years or since I can remember at least.

no I don't want to talk about it.

maybe in the throes of things I would have been ready to pour my heart out here but the internet isn't cool with that kind of stuff anymore, and nobody wants to hear about how sad I am unless it's a major catastrophe or a loss of some kind

(which yesterday was and then wasn't)
(which I realize makes no sense)
(but neither did yesterday, so there).

the nice thing is that after a good sleep everything feels a bit brighter.

more manageable.

today was better.

had an amazing americano from parlour coffee.
took some sassy senior ladies to the casino with my work and one of them bought me a grilled cheese.
played bingo and was an I 60 away from winning $47,500+ dollars which nobody wound up winning.
(but it was nice & exciting to hope)
found a message on the way home that made me smile.

it's good to feel happy today.

as a canadian, I appreciate this

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sometimes all it takes is a youtube video

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to make you remember that you're probably not as smrt as you think you are.

I Miss Drugs

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From I MISS DRUGS on Vimeo.



In case you were wondering about that Pint of Justice shoot from the wee

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here's a teaser image that may not be as funny to all of you as it is to some of us

but @adriantrimble looks awesome nevertheless

so I needed to share

back to prepping for Pecha Kucha

which is only two nights away omg omg.

(photo courtesy of @cenquist's twitter feed, wicked photography & editing by @benquist)

Got an invitation in the mail today

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everyone says this, but I have the most amazing, talented and hilarious friends around

Kat & John, I love you guys

see you at the party!


wait for it...

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how badass are those shoes?


Pat Martin dropped the f-bomb on Twitter today

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for you non-Winnipeggers Pat Martin is the New Democrat MP for Winnipeg Centre (my riding! big ups!) and has been the MP here for nearly fourteen years. lots of people don't like him because, admittedly, he's known for being a bit of a loudmouth, as was demonstrated during this exchange on Twitter just now that has a lot of people getting upset:

I'm sorry... no matter how unprofessional it may be, it's still the best response ever. I think it's great.

Now I understand that profanity is an iffy thing, even in social media, and that saying "fuck you" directly isn't the most 'professional' way to handle it, but when someone tries to go about trolling you by dragging religion into it, frankly I can totally understand why he said it. You can't feed the trolls, the best way to deal with them is to deal with them quickly and directly, which the response certainly was.

And let's be honest: despite being a loudmouth Pat Martin is undefeated in his riding since he was first voted in, so obviously people appreciate that there's someone out there with the balls to say what needs to be said, even if he may not always be diplomatic in saying it.

@shawncarthy sums it up best:

You can follow tweets from my badass MP here: @PatMartinMP


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