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I lead the best life

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10646710_10154549024605323_1919490947789051443_nI don't say that enough because we're trained not to say it.

We live in a big, cynical world and it's cool to emphasize the struggle and be a starving, fucked-up artist or whatever

but sometimes, when life is just right

you have to #humblebrag.

Which is what this post is.

I have amazing friends. It's funny how you only realize who the good, solid people are when you go through yr toughest times, but when they do holy hell does it feel good to know you have them in yr corner.

I have an amazing bf who is funny and charming and makes me feel like the only girl in the world. I love him endlessly.

I have a blossoming career that challenges and inspires me constantly.

I have all of you, who show up here and read day after day & year after year to read this nonsense and comment and send me nice messages once & a while. Because you're beautiful people.

Thank you, all of you, for making my life so rich.


yr girl Shaner


Johnny Cash died ten years ago today

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so let's take a second and listen to some real, quality music.

Sometimes in the wake of Miley Cyruses and Rebecca Blacks and whatever nonsense is being marketed to us because of it's shock value or horribleness or whatever

which ultimately distracts from anything important or relevant at all and are just tricks to make us feel superior to someone else

(because why else would we care, really, about something like this?)

it's nice to listen to music that gets you right down in your core

and makes you really feel something

right deep down in yr gut.

RIP Mr. Cash.

I wrote a big mushy post full of feels just now

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but I deleted it all because it was silly.

I don't need to write a big blog post about how

and imperfectly
all my friends are

I assume that the photos and stories I share here and on other social media platforms convey that well enough.

But they deserve one anyway.

Even if it's only a short n sweet one to say

my friends are the best friends.




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yesterday was tough

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in fact, despite one really good thing it was probably the worst day I've had in years or since I can remember at least.

no I don't want to talk about it.

maybe in the throes of things I would have been ready to pour my heart out here but the internet isn't cool with that kind of stuff anymore, and nobody wants to hear about how sad I am unless it's a major catastrophe or a loss of some kind

(which yesterday was and then wasn't)
(which I realize makes no sense)
(but neither did yesterday, so there).

the nice thing is that after a good sleep everything feels a bit brighter.

more manageable.

today was better.

had an amazing americano from parlour coffee.
took some sassy senior ladies to the casino with my work and one of them bought me a grilled cheese.
played bingo and was an I 60 away from winning $47,500+ dollars which nobody wound up winning.
(but it was nice & exciting to hope)
found a message on the way home that made me smile.

it's good to feel happy today.

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