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Okay maybe I'll buy Jim Carrey's book

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but only if he reads it to me.

Two things from yesterday

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This vid of my favourite Imaginary Cities song which they played with the WSO at the Scotiabank stage at the Forks last night for Canada Day which gave me shivers because it was so good:

and this photo of me in my lovely blue dress courtesy of Connor:


I'm too doped on Benylin to blog anymore so the rest will have to wait.


android sucks

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but this commercial is pretty cute.

too bad it's trying way too hard

and isn't about anything.

but paul rudd & seth rogen & bob odenkirk are in it

so that's okay.

Some Friday advice for you

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it's true.

Fantastic Friday. Spent all morning teaching which is so fun and rewarding and surprisingly hard! I can't wait to do it more. had a mega-healthy spinach salad I brought from home & watched clips of my crush Stephen Colbert over lunch. it's chilly and sunny and just like I like my Octobers to be.

I'm jetting out of here shortly to get prepped for the Zombie Walk tonight, are you going? It's going to be an insane time, we're going to party like we're in North Korea.


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