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it's not nice to celebrate when someone dies

- by admin

but when they've been repressing an entire country their whole lives
being the butt of so many jokes already

does that make it okay?

I guess so.

My fav Kim Jong-Il joke since he died on Saturday is Kim Jong-Il dropping the base

too bad the self-described 'internet expert probably never even knew of the hilarious memes that his bizarre onesie-clad self spawned


Some Friday advice for you

- by admin

it's true.

Fantastic Friday. Spent all morning teaching which is so fun and rewarding and surprisingly hard! I can't wait to do it more. had a mega-healthy spinach salad I brought from home & watched clips of my crush Stephen Colbert over lunch. it's chilly and sunny and just like I like my Octobers to be.

I'm jetting out of here shortly to get prepped for the Zombie Walk tonight, are you going? It's going to be an insane time, we're going to party like we're in North Korea.


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