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baby you know I love Fridays

- by admin

especially when you're a workin' girl like me
spending my day teaching excel to seniorsĀ like a boss
and bringing home the bacon

cause when you spend all week
takin names & poppin (Tylenol Extra Strength) caps
eventually you've gotta make a break for it

this weekend's going to be all about relaxing
chilling with Tyrone and some friends
having some drinks & watching sports (who knew?)
and getting my groove on

but I'll still come back and blog for you, baby
because I love ya
and I know you want some 'o this

so make the best of your two days off
see a movie, wash your car, eat an entire pizza
spend some time with your friends
and someone you love

just make sure you enjoy it

happy weekend

Shaner out.


it's almost Christmas vacation time

- by admin

as of 5pm I'm off work until next Tuesday (see you next Tuesday har har) which means I'll be attempting to make my time at the gym match up with the amount of eating, lazing around and holiday boozing I'll be doing. T'isn't the season for self-restraint, it's not often anyone makes me dinner any more.

basically I want this to be me right down to the silly hat and gingerbread

going last-minute shopping with Ty tonight which is going to be scary. we're going to Toys R Us to get stuff for his nieces & nephew and I'm getting a headache just thinking of the screeching pre-Christmas kids losing their minds in that store. you'll probably find me hiding out in the infants section caressing a toy that makes some sort of soothing sound.

okay that's not true. I don't really mind going at all except that I'd rather be sitting in my warm living room under the glow of our (real!!!) Christmas tree sipping a strong beverage watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, or, preferably, Drunk History Christmas with Ryan Gosling, Jim Carrey and Eva Mendes

if I could just have this forever I'd be such a happy lady

happy (almost) holidays!

it's not nice to celebrate when someone dies

- by admin

but when they've been repressing an entire country their whole lives
being the butt of so many jokes already

does that make it okay?

I guess so.

My fav Kim Jong-Il joke since he died on Saturday is Kim Jong-Il dropping the base

too bad the self-described 'internet expert probably never even knew of the hilarious memes that his bizarre onesie-clad self spawned


Are you one?

- by admin


This is the "perfect person"

- by admin

according to my Soc class

Nailed it?


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